Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Double D

When I go back home after work everyday, I'll tune into Radio 4 to listen to Labour Pains. Double D and Jeevs. Very cool pair. Better than the Hitz team. Their choices of music is cool too. It's just the way they speak to people and comment on things that is down to earth, practical and familiar with everyday life's conversation that seemed to trigger my interest.

Double D in particular is very funny. The way he speaks has this typical indian and malaysian accent. I'll just pop up some of his quotes that did make me laugh or smile.

"You are a champion lah", When commenting on receiving flowers "It is not masculine", When commenting on receiving flowers again "It is just so not cool", When trying hard to understand Matrix Revolutions story "What is the story man", "Who is Sati", When commenting to a caller who said he is in a traffic jam, "Nevermind", When commenting about google, "You've been google whacked".

Double D made my day everyday when I need to go through the Tasik Selatan jam daily.