Friday, November 07, 2003

Not good not good

I got sick yesterday. Went to Klinik Tan & Mano at the Recreation centre of TPM. Got an mc for that day. Fever + Flu + Sorethroat ler. Aiyor. Now the sorethroat is making me cough as well. Not yet fully recovered from my illness but then I only got one day's of mc. The fever I would say has gone but the Flu and sorethroat is definitely still active. I'm sure the cough is catching up as well. Damn. I've been given some VB source codes to study. Woah. I've never seen how VB could be as complicated as that. I just can't digest the codes eventhough I got the design specs document. Was it because I'm sicked?

I learnt several things yesterday. When you are sick, the relationship of friends / colleagues / family becomes evident. You just need and appreciate it. Secondly, never underestimate anybody. There are quite a number of female programmers in this company. They are good! I can assure you that. To be honest, I've always been skeptical of female programmers because all the female coursemates throughout my days of college and university just can't program. But now, I've given them a higher level of respect primarily to the female programmers here.