Monday, December 08, 2003


Life as a programmer can really be daunting. A programmer throughout his life will accumulate unnecessary rise of blood pressure, unnecessary mind boggling task of solving something which seems totally alright but then again, it's not, having the need to produce something which is against his own design or thoughts which are significantly seems more efficient than the customer's requirements, solve silly problems which will just make him look like a dullard donkey-ass and finally facing the problems of changes that just wouldn't stop coming and it becomes mundane as the customer's or superior's mind just wouldn't be satisfied with the design.

I've just given myself a severe frustration while debugging some stuffs. Finally after hours of the mental torture, I found the culprit inside the code. It's actually forgetting to change the conditions into Malay. Bastard. If they didn't want a malay GUI system, I wouldn't need to do such stupid things. Why can't they just learn English. Crappy imbecile and obtuse idiots.

I hate life as a programmer.