Friday, November 28, 2003

I hate computers sometimes

Was still working on the web reporting system and things did not go well I would say. Firstly, I failed to write a text file through ASP. That made me look like a retarded donkey. After hours of trying and debugging codes, heck, there is no mistake in the code. Crap. Then I resorted to seek information help from messageboards or forums. Gosh. I came to the conclusion that the Antivirus software was to be blamed as well as the permission settings for file and folders and a weird file called scrrun.dll. Damn it.

Secondly, my colleague was frustrated and shouting at me for not being able to access my pc or my share folder for the treasures contained inside. Finally, today I solve it. How? Damn the computer. I just unshare the folder and share it again by giving it a new name. That works wonder. Computers create unnecessary frustration and causes logical confusion "kik lou" to your brain and that's not good.

I was chatting to my chowbin this morning, updating him the situation of work and also about the rest now. I did blurt out that my life now seem like I'm in form 3 or standard 3. I need to wake up every weekdays when the clock is still depicting 6 something. And I already feel sleepy by the time the clock hits 9. Argh. I feel like my grandfather.