Thursday, November 20, 2003

I hate Session variables

Typical day at job today. Been doing a lot of debugging and writing of ASP pages for this current web reporting system.

Been meddling around with SQL so much for today. Hmmm things are going fine. It looks like development is progressing. However, it must be noted that when things work fine as expected, then I'll feel cool. It works. It's good. I'm god. Muahahaha. When things did not work. Like the pesky Session variables that displayed itself in the header file but not on the main body. What in the bloody hell is the reason for that? Argh. Sometimes you can't solve everything. So you just gotta live on with it and hope things don't screw up. If it screws up then blame it on the hardware. *grin*

Hmmm. Been using this medium to let go some thoughts + anger + frustration + stress + more, in a rather provoking and exaggerated manner but tastefully done in literature. ;)