Monday, December 01, 2003

Unexpected Decision

Salinah. Our department's admin. The one who is always having make up of inches thick. As her usual self, she just rammed in and shouted. Well not really shouted but it's kinda loud. "Halo Halo Halo. Semua Mari". That got everyone pop their head ups from their cubicle to check out. She shown us 4 shells of somekind of gadget which basically comes in four different hues.

Marroon, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Gold. We gotta put our names and our selection of the colours available. Hmmmm to add to our confusion of what that gadget is. She added "Mari pilih. Jangan tanya ini bende aper". Aiksz. Oh well, it looked like a cordless phone but slightly bigger. There is numbers of 0-9 and a triangular button. Hmmmmm. And everyone in this department is required to have one?