Friday, March 26, 2004

Official business trip

Time is ticking out. I have approximately 24 hours left before flying to Miri for official business duties. That sounds nice eih? The naked truth is that I was sent there to be a scapegoat in case anything got screwed. I see now the power of delegation and assigning responsibilities. Look, I wouldn't mind to bear the responsibility of the task if I'm involved / in charge / familiar with it from the start of the project. I was asked to perform and train others on a totally unfamiliar task which I'm given just 2 days to pick up. And I'm supposed to train and teach others to do it there. Very smart indeed! Damn that bugger sloth!

Aside from office politics, the sad thing is I will need to find someway to entertain myself over there, to surpress my boredom which is so inevitable. I have decided to bring my notebook there so that I can do something with it, perhaps watch a whole series of Angels of Mission 3D over the week. But that's so lame and stodgy. I feel so isolated.

It will be even worse when I find out that there will be no internet connection for me. I'll be so dead, so disconnected. Call me a geek if you want, but I think the internet plays such a huge role in my daily life if you calculate it based on its contribution as a medium for my entertainment, source of information (This weighs tons), a way to communicate domestically and internationally, a place where I sought new ideas and gather new knowledge. Even if you calculate it based on the number of hours I used it, it's definitely a huge percentage of my 24 hours that I and everyone of you out there have.

My only hope would be to come back safely with a mindset that translates "That trip was quite ok, everything went well, it wasn't that bad after all". If that was not the case, then I'll damn that disdainful oaf straight to hell!

Haih (translation: Sigh). I rest my case.