Sunday, May 09, 2004


I saw about 8-10 babies in a restaurant. That place was inducing headaches and the noise was beyond frustrating. It was such a phenomenon where I saw one baby who started the whole commotion. He cried. Then he triggered a whole chain reaction to which all other babies simultaneously wishes to emulate and maybe out wail that fella. It was massive and the new parents were trying to comfort their child by making an ass out of themselves, making lies, feeding them with food, "chuk chuk chuk" don't work u know, and other possible solutions to no avail.

I'm sure the babies just cry for the sake of crying upon seeing other babies cry. It's like "Let's join in". There was this baby with a coconut tree on her hair looking passionately at another baby who threw a tantrum. I saw her mouth moved probably muttering "Oh ohaah wohaha" or something around that region. Then she fucking cried too.

I think I will take back my words. Nope. Not going to post cikgu's picture here. That's like breaking rule 1. I'm not going to pollute my own bloggie.

It's Sunday and it's what I call the winding down day or reset button day. lol. Sigh, but I'm feeling weird. It's as though I'm not me. I'm not myself. I think I'm in a rather confusing state which I don't know how I ended up here and what's the root cause of all this. It's beyond feeling melancholic. Not that I'm worrying about something. Nope. Hmmm this has happened before when I'm still in my secondary school days and I forgotten how I got rid of it. Well I guess sleep with do me justice.