Thursday, May 06, 2004

Goofy cikgu

Small note: I saw some of the factory workers today having some blue coloured rice for breakfast. Hmm that looks very yummy?

*Grr* Cikgu got to my nerves yet again. "Ding khui ar". While I was presenting the system to the client ala high Immigration Officer and we were thinking of a easier solution....

Me: "Yeah. You can just use a shortcut folde........"

Cikgu: *Interrupted* "Sorry. I got a suggestion. Why not add a ....[edited]..."

My brain: "Pok Lei Keh Kai. Kom Toh Yan Sei Mm Kin Lei Sei"

I think BSMR is cursed. Today was my 6th day there, and it sucks too. While waiting for the elevator, there was this strange looking indian woman staring at me and my colleague like we were some exotic creatures. Then she asked.

StrangeWoman: "Are you from the press?"

Me: *huh?* "No!"

Oh yeah, I burst out laughing my ass off when I saw cikgu's photo on the computer screen today. Damn goofy man. Hahahaha. I just can't help it.

khui = he / she (cantonese)
ar = exclamation (don't know)