Tuesday, May 11, 2004

That thing known as sleep

A dreadful hot day again. After my shower, I still feel hot. I switched on the aircon and look at my bed. It looks tempting. But the clock shows 7 PM. What the heck, even nike said "Just do It". I crawled onto my bed curling myself like a ball taking only half the space of my bed. Then I slowly rub my legs between the sheets to find the most comfortable position. Before I realised it, sleep swarmed in and I'm out.

After an hour later, I heard furious knocks on my door. It was my father. Reminder for dinner. It was then I felt that sleep seems so illegal. I had my dinner and went back to my room.

According to my plan, I'm supposed to finished up some work that night. Well it didn't really materialised. Say thanks to the evil phenomena which is known as sleep. Again! Damn! Now I'll have to be on hyper productive mode just to keep myself on schedule.

I will not indulge in sleep of that quantity again. But who am I to say or control that? I'm just a normal human being afterall.