Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Not again! Diu....

Rats. I need to go to the dreadful BSMR / Immigration Office again. Muthafugga. This is so not right. What are they doing actually? To use up a whole month to get them sign that fucking piece of paper doesn't seem efficient. Ad hoc changes like that will kill, ya know? What sort of management is this? Use your brain! Use your brain! You're damn right I'm not happy with how it is going right now.

I finished with my part and I'll deliver it tomorrow morning. Hope it will be the last day for me and I'm not required to be in Miri again for deployment for goodness sake.

Enough of ranting. Here's the good news instead. Haha. I've got my leave approved. Yay! 22nd - 30th of May. That's friggin 9 days......hmmmm.....I'm spoiling myself with holidays again. Muahaahahhaa!