Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Keep my mouth shut

I was told to finish up my portion by tomorrow as the bloody final demo / UAT (User Acceptance Test) after god knows how many weeks will be the day after. I was given the impression like the whole project is dependent on me and I am the definite culprit if all goes wrong. Ok, that sounds fair!

I will pledge here and now that I will learn to keep my mouth shut. And by keeping my mouth shut, I mean not to disclose information to other denizens / neanderthals. Knowledge is power, ya know? You see, I'm a quiet person. But sometimes I couldn't hold myself back to tell others of information that I know of. I would always wanted to enlighten them. Not sure why? but that's how I am. I realised now that this is not such a good habit.

I learnt from a Triad Leader in a TVB series whereby he whacked his subordinate and then gave his advice. It spells like this.

"There are things that should not be said, there are things that need not be said and there are things that must not be said!"

Farking hell, that sounds pretty damn weird and crap. But then again, of course, I'm not a master of Cantonese translation. Anyway you get the essence of it.