Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Rush

4:16 AM is displayed on my desktop. It has been ages since I hangout outside till this sort of hours. Mainly it's due to the fact that I started working and life is no more how flexible that I want it to and partly becoz my close pal Shawn is working normal hours again. And by normal hours, I mean 8-5 / 9-6 / 8-5.30 and many more variations of it. He used to work at odd hours which he call shifts and there is basically no weekends for him and no sunlight. I think he got tired of his nocturnal lifestyle and want to hit back with the so called normal lifestyle and obviously the first thing he complained was about the traffic jam.

As my world is shrinking and my circle of friends are diminishing, I've got one more friend back. I went to Sepang Drag Race with Shawn. If you know me well, you will know that I don't really fancy drag race / illegal car racing / modified auto events and the likes. However sometimes you must have a common interest between you and your friend. It's sort of like a compromise or shall I say give and take. As the show came to an end, I was quite stunned with the outcome whereby a Satria GTI became the champion of Class A category beating an Evolution 6 in the final drag. That ridiculous result was emphasized with the shouts of "Malaysia Boleh" by some Malay dude.

Went to meet up with some other old friends at Stevens OUG after that. I saw Jimmy. So what about Jimmy? Nothing, he's fine. He still looked like how he looks like 2 years ago. The mind boggling part was with his girlfriend. You see, Jimmy has a history with his weird peculiar taste in chicks. In fact, I think he needs some psychology treatment of some kind now. Good lord, I can finally use the word "Zhu Pa" for his latest gf man. The sad point is I'm not kidding. It will be the first time ever that I will be able to confidently associate the glamour Pork Chop to a girl. I know that love is blind but... not thaaaat blind! Yo Jimmy, I wish to knock some senses into you and hope you know what you are doing.

Back to Shawn, I sat in Shawn's car heading back to his house where I parked mine. There came a, probably a B8 tail-gating his car. Shawn won't back out of any challenge. That I can assure you. I then stretch my right leg straight, hold on to the door handle with my left hand and my right hand was hugging my seat in a hook to the back seat kinda way for dear life. It's not the first time I sat in a turbo-charged car and see miracles happen before my very own eyes. I realised that many experiences still doesn't really help in eliminating the fear that I had eventhough I trust Shawn's skills. Otherwise, he won't be called the "Corner King" by his car gang for no reason. After numerous corner negotiating and a few stops at traffic light spots, the race was over when the B8 made a U-Turn at a traffic light junction while giving a thumbs up and a *grin* to Shawn. Gosh! Was that fun? Is that what they call excitement? Or maybe the rush? They look like they enjoyed themselves to me.

Ok you know what? I think wrote badly today. It must be the groggy state for staying up at this hour. I'm signing off to bed.