Thursday, June 10, 2004

Poetry I shit you not.

It is when you have idle time,
of quantity which you call excess,
not having to do anything,
not wanting to do anything,
your mind wanders aimlessly,
floating and bouncing around,
in random direction,
with no determination,
feeling incomplete,
lost and unaccomplished.

Perhaps uncertainty,
is always a part of life,
life is a journey,
it is up to oneself,
to decide and act upon,
to cater one's needs and desire,
and to provide for others,
no matter what is written,
or carved in hopeful believes,
that is known as,
fate and destiny.

As you can see, I have too much free time I suppose. I felt shallow and uneducated. Sort of like having a "BTC" degree. Haha. I can't bloody write poetry / poems probably due to the lack of me reading books / novels. I don't think I'm even qualified to use the word "lack". It's more like "never" and that would be more appropriate. It is never unless you count Oliver Twist and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which will provide me with a count of 2. Yeah, there you have it. I'm so pathetic. Haha. I'm now trying hard to muster my strength and gather enough courage just to click the orange "Publish Post" button and subject myself to embarassment. Well... there's always the "Delete" button. Ahaks.

BTC = Boh Tak Chik <-- (hokkien) I think it means No Study