Thursday, June 17, 2004

Today I am a typist

I've been pouding on the keyboard all day while having exhorbitant amount of Alt + Tab and the alignment of my sight to the progress to accompany me. While my fingers are doing the job in auto-mode, I didn't quite get to utter any word with the exception of a few "diu / fuck / shit / damn / zhk" when I hit the wrong key or screwed up the style and format or when I didn't save frequently enough to greet the "Do not send this Error Report" button with beaming confidence.

I had a look at eBay this afternoon. Gmail invitation sells at 0.01 USD and with the selling fees the seller needs to pay eBay, they are actually making loses for themselves. I wonder how sales of Gmail invitations at USD 79.99 compete with USD 0.01. And yeah, there are people who bid for that 79.99 version. Looks like that seventy nine ninety nine dude is winning.