Friday, June 11, 2004

Rocking stays idle

I begin to appreciate the enjoyment of idle time brings upon. Idle time wouldn't be so enjoyable if one hasn't been through the day with work in abundance. The feeling is like the great boulder is taken off your shoulder. I wouldn't however identify this as shirking. When can I retire and enjoy myself relaxing at the sandy beach while sipping cocktail and listen to the tunes of country music. Sometimes, it's not really the rife amount of work but rather that such monkey jobs involves ceaseless trial and error attempts and making absolutely dumb executions to get the expected results. Speaking of that, I realised one fine day that cluttering extra two funky text files on the desktop would actually allow the program to carry on without complaining. Does that seem logical to you? It must be but I don't bother. At times, we don't really bother the why and how of these things work. As long as it still works then that's fine. Just as similar to how we often take many other things for granted.

I'm having thoughts to myself again. As usual it's between being callous and pissed and confused. Damn it, I hope the between word caters for three items. Currently feeling mellow accompanied by the gloomy music that Staind has to offer. Ocassionally with John Mayer, Norah Jones, Live, Linkin Park, Matchbox Twenty and others intercepting with their interpretation of melancholic moody songs depending on who wins in the queue of streaming downloads.

The line above is written approximately 4 hours ago. And as always, a man is happier when he is fed. I've got no complains now. I'm looking at the time at my desktop. The time now is 3:36 PM. It's Friday, the day everybody looks forward to. I will allow the kickass rock songs to stir my mood and keep me sane until the clock finally decides to show 5:30 PM. And then I will allow the rock bands to rest. :). Au Revoir.