Friday, August 06, 2004

7:48 AM

7:48 AM - Full house to the extent where double parking and parking at the bikes area is visible. The limit and boundary has yet been brought to a much earlier time now due to kiasu-ism. I lost the battle for today. Defeat is what I felt and all I could do is only grumble. The bottom line is, RM 3 for an extended 10 minutes snooze is rather expensive.

On an unrelated incident,

Me: *hands over money*

Sales Imbecile: "Tadi you bagi lima ringgit?"

Me: *WTF* "Lima Puluh. Lima puluh!"

Sales Imbecile: "Ohh"
(damn it, didn't get to extort this dude)

Sales Imbecile: *gives back change of forty eight bucks and fifty cents*

Me: *nia meh*