Sunday, August 01, 2004

weekend jots

What's wrong with my darn sock. It's so tight the grip created a strong purple mark akin to the opening of a jar. It's like I'm trying to strangle my legs.

A reminder for myself, never use Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman ever again. Insane jam with "pakchi" traffic cop. Oh yeah may I repeat, insane jam! The worst part, reason for such epilepsy is still unknown.

Got partially conned. I'm disappointed in the quantity but not quality this time. Pretty bizzare situation that was, I know. Only met two familiar faces at the overcrowded PC Fair. And that two faces belongs to two individuals who I've only met once each in a yamcha session. Name of one is still unknown.

After 300 personal contact details have been entered, I really can feel the ache. (Repetitive Stress Injury) R.S.I perhaps? Damn it, will need to drop by at SS2 to get 700 more. If it deemed not profitable enough, I will quit.