Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kong Amit?

I have become more of a blogder. A blog reader that is. It's not really that I, myself have been on a hiatus, just that sometimes I ran out of inspirations and ideas or you could just simply put it as it has been dull as a log. Maybe not, just that I'd forgotten all those craps that I wanna blog about. I'm becoming MCC. No wait. That sounds girlie.

The clock in my car shows 7:34 AM while my watch shows 7:39 AM. Stop bitching about the inconsistency of my clocks and watches and let me continue. Look, I'm already stepping on the grounds of my office. Before you say what the hell am I doing here so fucking early coz I ain't no security guard or a paperboy or a lumberjack or a postman. Ahah, no, not even the postman gets to start work later than me. Goddamn. The sad fact is that it doesn't even feels early anymore. And that's pretty damn fucked.

While driving to work, I saw this dude in a petronas uniform standing in front of a well, petronas petrol station in a pondan-ish posture and holding waving a flimsy plastic national flag in also a pondan-ish way like. Well somebody tell me what is wrong with the picture? I seriously don't think that would make your petrol in your petrol station more appealing. It's more like wanting to fuel the rage of some tyke to come punch you in the face. *shrugs*

What are the 5 Cs of doing business? Convince, Complicate, Con, Corrupt, Charge. If that doesn't make sense to you, try and use each word in a sequential manner as per stated like above by attaching 'the bugger' behind each verb.

Some quotes heard or said throughout the week or erm, two weeks back? fuck. doesn't matter. Here it goes.

"Zhun Toi Chan Kor Tau Fu Pok"

"What's 6 with a dot on top of it? High pitched one?", "an Indian 6 perhaps?"

"If the dot is wearing a hat then it's a pause"

I initially thought it was going to be more quotes than that, indeed it was but my memory failed me yet again. Gotta hunt people and eliminate my task list. Ciao.