Saturday, March 12, 2005

The happy flow

Being forced to be in godlike operation mode is seriously burning me out. At this rate, I should be making waves.

I hang on only from the remarks and encouragement of others.

"Look at the brighter side", she said.

"We must be positive. At the end of the day is all that matters", he said.

Initially I thought it was just myself. However I realised I was the toughest actually statistically speaking and also when I heard from the least expected person who said sarcastically to Tailou, “Lei chung oi lei meh?” which really brought to my view of the stark reality.

I was given a calendar today. I took a nonchalant view and study it, followed by a discussion with a fellow colleague. All it did was to further add to the depressive mood and builds to the cynical shell.

Life doesn't always follow the happy flow
Akram Zaki