Saturday, March 19, 2005

A quirky morning

I was chatting with Ashraf in front of the apartment building this morning admiring the breeze that will soon be bygones as summer is approaching. I am not really keen about summer here as it actually makes more sense to term it as being toasted. Back to the point, I was chatting with Ashraf talking about how quickly they erected two apartment buildings in front of us and now they are even fully painted and soon to be of operations. A mere 4 months back, when I just came here, the area was flat but now the buildings have blocked the view to the causeway by the sea and also obstructed the views to the occasional sunsets. I was rather dumbstruck when Ashraf said it is considered slow because in contrast, the government buildings nearby was built in a day's time. I looked at him puzzled upon hearing this confounding statement and he explained that the building blocks are ready made and they brought cranes and just assemble all of them together on the spot which seems very much like Lego to me. Granted, my knowledge in buildings construction is somehow limited but to see a collection of short flats built in a day simply baffles me.

Visited the gym downstairs this morning and was perplexed when I saw the floor being seriously wet. I then opened the second door and my jaw dropped as I saw the room for sauna and jacuzzi flooded. I quickly rushed to locate for Ashraf and conveyed the incident. After checking out, he lets out a sigh and said that it has already happened 3 times before this. It is caused by the running tap of the jacuzzi which some of the inconsiderate users did not turn it off.

I came back to my own apartment and Sonny told me another kooky story. Apparently yesterday when he accompanied the PM to the doctor, Abdul Wahab, the doctor gave PM 3 litres of water to drink which he claimed was self made. The doctor even requested PM to return the following day bringing along his own shit for test. Now how bizarre was that?