Monday, March 14, 2005

Within the vicious cycle

This is a country where you can begin the day with a drop in temperature of 13 degrees than it was yesterday.

One thing I absolutely loathe about Bahrain is how bloody dusty this place can be. A slight opening of the window would bring about horrid dust around the table / room / bathroom that would left me aghast.


I saw a review of my blog at Yes I guess it is my first blog review and somehow I felt both honoured and amused. Below is an excerpt which I extracted from the site itself:

2) loonatik: the blogger is a Malaysian guy who seems to have chineese roots as well (however i'm not sure about that) & now works at the CIO in Bahrain. His blog seems to be regularly updated. He blogs about some interesting encounters with locals in a restaurant in Bahrain and describes the cultural changes between Bahrain, UK and the Far East. A very interesting blog to check out how a person new to Bahrain settles down while coming to terms with the culture shock - Overall a regular blogger that needs adding to my list of daily feeds


Yesterday was one of the pinnacle moments. 16 and a half hours without much time to even sit. Went back, had a shower and went straight to bed leaving out the much delayed dinner. A few hours later the vengeful cycle begins again. I didn't realised I was that tired until Tailou came into the room this morning and saw me catching a nap, with my head on top of the laptop bag.

"Ding mm sun ar tai lou? Cham mat mou tak fan ar?" said Tailou

I barely mustered some strength to acknowledge him and sit up dazed and foggy headed.