Saturday, March 26, 2005

Shredding ourselves into pieces

The Sheikh has given his ultimatum which is for the whole SC team to move to the new complex at Isa Town by next week. Prostrated with that, no matter how reluctant they were, a busy day it was seeing them packing and especially the indian workers who were called in to help move the things into the truck. As we were heading back after a long day at Juffair, we dropped by the keys of our rooms to the guard. He was quick to point out the obvious when he asked "Last day?"

"Yup. Last day." said Sonny.

The guard, Wahid, raised his eyebrows and gave a casual salute to us.

"Moving to Isa Town" said Sonny.
"Isa Town. Very good." answered Wahid.
"Very good?" asked Sonny.

Moving to spanking new polished marbles, glassy walls and quiet air conditioning is not exactly what I am looking for. I was studying the new schedule the other day. Certainly a horrendous extension to the already eye tearing super human schedule that we have had just barely pull through. The overall schedule so far easily doubled the initial schedule in terms of the time taken and that initial schedule which was what I termed as a bloody joke. The continuous delays and the double digit number of changes often reaffirmed myself that we are suffocating ourselves, petering out sooner or later.

On a related incident, I learnt that paper shredding was certainly not an easy task to look down upon. I choked myself a few times due to the lack of proper ventilation. Fortunately for us, they have this old school paper shredder here which we used to fill up more than 20 large black plastic bags of shredded documents that were supposed to fetch RM 3 million. That darn thing sure looks tough and durable, but it died on us a couple of times after some excessive usage. Glad it's still working now. Just throwing a fit I suppose.