Friday, April 29, 2005

the break

It does seem like the blog has been abandoned for some time really. Pretty much as if I was out on a hiatus. Well actually it is sort of true as I am having a 2 weeks break back from the hectic work. All was gone in a flash and I will have to drop at the office tomorrow to receive my next flight ticket to Bahrain again pretty soon.

I am glad that whilst back here, I managed to catch up with many different groups of friends and even visited some of their new businesses' location chiefly a streetwear shop in The Curve, car workshop and a 2nd hand car dealer's shop.

Was shocked and befuddled this morning when I realised my mother is more aware of my net worth more than myself.

Attended a relative's wedding, chindian style. Weddings are boring as usual and this is to no exception probably except for a few songs played by the band which caught my interest namely Johnny Be Good, Black Magic Woman and Hotel California.

Felt slightly perplexed as to why people around me are complaining so much about the heat. I don't consider myself to be heat tolerant but I suspect the stroke inducing temperature in Bahrain has left me feeling temperature in KL to be a blessing in comparison.