Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sheikh Isa House

Went to Sheikh Isa House during the weekend. Quite easy to find as the sign boards along the highways to touristy places are coloured in brownish mahogany hues. Paid 200 Fils (= RM 2) for the entrance fee. Considered very primitive as this building is dated at around late eighteen century to 1930s.

Walls are as thick as 1 m to accomodate and protect from the heat and cold.

View from the inside of one of the rooms. I don't know exactly why but initially I thought of giving this pic a desaturation + sepia effect. It would then contradict and lose its essence and people would think I have a queer sense of humour.

A view from the new government office overlooking Estaqlil Highway and the Jasmi roundabout. People unofficially name roundabouts here according to the fast food restaurants nearby or any significant object on it.

A mosque surrounded by shanty shacks.

Birds live in shanty shacks too.

It's either the artistic values went awfully wrong or the owner assembled his house from scraps.

This is the windtower. It was described as natural airconditioning on one of the signs in the building. Winds are gathered from all 4 sides of the tower subsequently moving down the shaft ventilating usually, the living room below it.

View from below. I stood there to experiment and after a few minutes, indeed some breeze is felt. Disappointment really.