Saturday, May 07, 2005

A step with strength

Not a day pass yet but I was reminded once again why I absolutely loathe this place. It is not so much as to the circumstances of the place but rather how they place everything and are so dependent on a single peon. And that has not taken other hidden tasks that were involved day in and out. What can not kill you only makes you stronger. Cliche it might be, but I am beginning to go through all this with a tad more optimistic outlook for I see it as the ends justifies the means.

Spent three days during my break to venture around looking at properties and show houses of all genres that are less than half a million ringgit. During which I had learnt a thing or two from my mom's opinions. I also had a change in how I now view vehicles. The new weightings which concern me now are the annual depreciation + interest to be paid + amount of cash that you are able to part with temporarily. I was taken aback slightly when I learnt that the annual depreciation of a Honda amounts the equivalent to that of a Proton.

I hold it true to myself that the fervour, the scintilla and the moment that was were pure and heartfelt between two hearts.