Friday, August 26, 2005

Now what

I cannot wipe out the past. Even if it is mind numbing, heart wrenching or sick that you can feel it in the stomach. Simply because it is what that made me who I am today. Never would I have thought how the events for the past few years would unfold like they did. Never did I imagined myself to ride a camel on an extremely hot day, or got lost in the desert in darkness, or wear shorts about regardless that I am in an Arab country or that it is winter time, or live like there is nothing but work for each week brings about 100 hours of them. But I can chart my way ahead. It is important to have a plan. An optimistic one. You only think again when it begins to fall apart. I am ready to liberate myself.

Never had I, the urge, so strong soaring inside, seeping into my mind and my mind translating it into a sequence of imaginative events of the hopeful what ifs. And that made happy somewhat and caused me to almost being too outspoken about it.

The following days will be crucial as the decision will be made. I am just waiting for consent from family. Not that they dictate my life but with support and encouragement everything will flow smoothly and things will be done easier.

I hope I can make it for my trip to Hong Kong before embarking into my next career stage. That would be ideal. Ideal enough for me.