Sunday, August 21, 2005

when it is time to say goodbye

Sitting on a ledge together, side by side of another, they look far ahead over the horizon. There is neither the ocean nor the greens and not even the stars that met their eyes. However, that did not seem disturb them as they continue to just look in front and enjoy the occasional small gush of wind blowing against their face.

He is sitting on the left of her while holding her hand and placing it on his lap.
He is always on the left side whenever he is near her for some reason. He has this uncanny preference to be on the left regardless whether it is standing, sitting or walking beside her.

They talk and talk about friends, and of work, and of studies and of anything else that came about in their mind. Eventually, there will be a gap of silence. Both seem to just enjoy the others presence and bask in the silence between them.

With a shine against her body from behind; a shadow of hers falls in front covering a longish shade on the ground. They knew time for and between them are running out. Instinctively he knew her ride was here. She took a deep breath and then threw her arms around him.

"Ermm...I..I gotta go. See ya later. Take care"

Before he could form any words to reply, she stood up and walk towards the shiny silver Mercedes. She looked at him and put on a smile so wide that her eyes could not be seen.

"Okay. Bye", he finally replied.

That look was almost as if it is going to be his last glimpse of her face, he thought to himself. Knowingly if such is to happen, she would have put up a smile like that. She is always one to not tell all and everything seems to be all fine and dandy with her to other people. But in reality, he knows better.

He could not fathom why she would have said those words. She was leaving to another country with just some hours left from the moment she stood up. It wasn't the wait of some years that he fears. He told himself that plans don't always work in life as history has taught him that. He couldn't grasp whether they would ever meet again as if they were strangers who walked past each other in the moment which is known as coincidence.

He saw the Mercedes left whilst standing like a statue because he was unable to move. Strangely so, as if he was spellbound. Either that or he simply refused to move.

He decides to return before the darkness falls.