Sunday, September 04, 2005

After the dark, spring beckons

After initiating the talk, the bulk which were in a gravely manner, I was made to understand that the total personnel here will be reduced to only two person. The reason was that the management did not wish to place two senior personnels over here. And with that being the case, therefore one senior personnel will eventually be brought back to KL of whom is yet to be determined. Sonny said that in either case, since I am the only one who is not a senior personnel, I will still remain here until no longer needed so.

I asked about the plan for the coming three months and was told that he foresee that our long term presence for the project is to go on until the end of December. I then inquired what about year 2006? And he told me, occasional fly ins will be done to solve problems and issues.

I quickly turn back to the main issue which is to confirm when would be my turn for a trip back again. I suggested early October and I was pleased but expectedly so when told that early October seems to be a good opportunity.

I am no longer able to spend another Christmas and New Year here.