Monday, May 03, 2004

My nick, Loonatik

Yesterday nite, during a "Yam Cha" session, Mickey Mouse told me he stumbled into my blog through Google search. Apparently he is searching for Sepang Drag Race and somehow my blog became one of the top links in the results. Aih? I just posted a small rant the night before that and you can just see below it is written at an ungodly hour. Haha..Sorry dude for not finding what you are supposedly aftering, blame Google for giving you shitty search results like, erm, my blog..kekeke

I did a Google search on my nick "Loonatik" as well to see where my blog stands at in the lists of search results. *Ahem* That keyword did bring my blog as the top 3 results. However, I saw many other sites and forums with members having nick variations of "loonatik" and "LooNaTiK". Well I have to declare that there are many people out there sharing my so called nick.

I shall tell you how my nick came about. When I was in UK, one of our favourite passtimes was to whack Warcraft 3 in a LAN game. So we occassionally change our nicks in the game, most often using our real names to distinguish ourselves in the game and provide faster recognition to aid faster communication and decision making. I can't remember all the nicks that I've used though but here is a short list anyway..

"Computer 1"
"VanguardReagan 1" <-- Trying to piss off a friend. hehehe
"MacLeod Ken" <-- Pretending to be this dude to fight with Lee Kor, haha, Lee if you just happen to know that only after reading this, my apologies to you. :p.

Ok. Back to my nick history story. I thought of manipulating my name to come out with a nick. Hence the hybrid of lunatic + Tik Loon, rearranged it and there's where and when my nick is borned.