Wednesday, May 05, 2004

No work! No work! I protest to go to work!


The so-called long weekend is over. Time passes really fast when you are enjoying. Maybe not so much of enjoying but it's much better than to go work. Since I have not taken a single leave after working for 6 months, I think it's bloody time that I shall take some in June May. Damn it! I have to clear leave before June? Stupid company policy.

I felt burnt for not having a holiday. Something is just not right. Holiday is such a bitch. Look what it has done to me? My motivation to go work is basically NIL. Not even the news of some hot chick entering my department tomorrow.

I had a weird outing today which goes off in a rather odd sequence as well. I went with Reuben and KK. It goes something like this, change pirated DVD at Sungai Wang, then to McDonald's across BB Plaza, ran back to Plaza Berjaya under the rain, went to see fishies at the Aquarium at Shah Alam again!!! Then proceeded to Hartamas for dinner and subsequently to Soul Out for lager beer. Finally back to my den.

On a lighter note, KK blurt out some of the most amazing grammar in cantonese today. LOL. He was talking on the phone and apparently he was trying to confirm something with his friend and this conversation took place.

KK: "Yau Lan Mou Lan oh??" (Got dick, no dick? = Are you sure? / Really?)

Friend on the phone: "a;sldkfasldkfj" (Basically I can't hear that)

KK: "Hahaha...Hai Lan Mm Hai Lan?" (Is dick or not dick? = Is it true? / Really?)

Me: "Hahahahahahahahaha"
(*In a rather confused, weird, amusing, "What The Hell?" state*)

Signing off now. Work day is such a muthafugga.