Monday, May 03, 2004

Breakfast Story

I didn't join my family for breakfast today. Instead I went to the Aquarium Trip. Refer to the previous post. My dad brought up this story about what he encountered this morning.

According to my dad, there was this chinese dude in japanese-type-blue-mechanic shirt (Don't worry, I'm confused about that shirt too) doing some promotion. That chinese guy was wailing out loud to gain attention.

Chinese Guy: "Fai tit lei thai. San Pou Hoi Cheong, Sung Sui Thung" (Come and have a look. We are giving out buckets as our new shop is opening)

Neighbourhood / Bystanders: *rush rush to take pail / bucket*

So I asked my dad.

Me: "What kind of a shop is that? What do they sell actually?"

Dad: "Don't know. Sat Pai shop." (translation: Sat Pai = Failure)

Everybody in the car: "hahahahaha"