Monday, May 03, 2004

Aquarium Trip

Went to this Xian Leng Aquarium this afternoon. There are tons of fishes ranging from those big ass fish on top, batman rays, polka dot rays, many types of uncomprehensible-species-to-me fishes and especially a good collection of Arowanas. Talking about Arowanas, I saw the price tag of the arowanas that they are selling. RM 9999. I was like. What the? Who in their right mind would pay 10 grand for a fish man? That's so absurd. I appreciate those who admire and have passion for these creatures as pets / for feng shui / for something to look at when you are bored / hobby / etc..,but heck, that price is absolutely absurd.

- The top left pic's quality is so bad that I can't even improve it using Photoshop. Damn Nokia 7250i + bad weather.

- The top right pic gave a shock. They stick a dead fish to a board, framed it and hang it at their shop's entrance. Nia sing. Urgh. No comments.

- The two bottom pics depicts this erm, 5-6 feet of pool for those big ass fish. Anyone wanna swim along with them?