Monday, May 03, 2004

Not for me

The left pic shows my youngest bro and the background is this joint I'm about to describe. The right pic shows this. "Look! no food".

That's like one of those joints that my parents hangout at. You can recognise these places by their trademark keyboardist players who occassionally plays out of tune, mediocre singer wannabe on the stage, uncles and aunties in their 50s and 60s trying to be hip but sometimes "lebih" and of course old done to death songs. I think it even surpass Teresa Teng's era. It's so old damn it. Everytime when my mom found a new joint, she would definitely invite the whole family to so call "kin sik" or open our eyes. Yeah, it did open my eyes to see such ridiculous scene. I will never ever gonna fall into her trap again. Luckily I drove there in a separate car myself. Haha. I bailed as soon as I finished the food. My mom was not too happy and said this:-

Mom: "Your brother haven't had time to rest and digest the food. Why are you so in hurry?" in Hakka

Me: "...."
(*proceed to leave without replying. All my brothers and cousin follow*)

kin sik = In cantonese, to examine / see / learn
lebih = In malay, outrageous / more)