Thursday, October 27, 2005

It has been a while and it is all looking good

Exactly 30 days ahead. All set to go. The only bumps might be the renewing visa episodes all over again.

It has been a good week. Excellent if it was to be compared with the dreadful moments not too long ago.

What about the epiphany which I came across not too long ago? Would things fall into place like what has been said? If it is indeed true, it will be mind boggling. I will be in euphoria. Is it going to be a miracle or but a reverie?

I sometimes wonder if I am trapped in my own delusional world. It is better to aim far and high. Possibilities are still there and when it really works out, one cannot be happier than having what he wants.

Like someone who aptly puts it in a rather humourous way, "You cannot run away from it".

This ramadhan month is annoying for all the shops are closed until 5pm. Yet a calm and slower pace is around and we get to return very much earlier. And that is very much appreciated.

I went around the neighbourhood streets and later to town to search for breakfast this morning. I was baffled to find the streets empty and not even one eatery place in sight was open. I drove around with an empty stomach further ahead. Towards town and mall. Even fast food restaurants were closed. As if the place were deserted or they had went bankrupt. Fortunately, when I went to Al Jazeera later, the bakery there is open. I bought some sausage rolls. Not good but edible at least. After sometime, I have gotten sick of instant noodles and bread.

My leave has been approved for end of next month. So my promise to a friend at Hong Kong will be fulfilled.

I heard that we may be pulled back by Christmas as per company's decision. I will just take it as it is right now as things do not always go according to plans. Especially so as I had learned about this past year.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


In another few more hours, it will be time for me to leave this place. The packing that I did for this round though, differs from the usual norm. I had packed it as if I am going back for good.

Sonny asked me whether I will be coming back here. Isn't it strange yet funny your superior is asking that sort of question.

To break out from the lifestyle rut of the past, I will have to make do and sacrifice some part of life. For me, I think I have had already done that. It would be fair to say I had made a significant leap. If I dare say, it might be at least some 10 years for some of my peers to catch up.

Life is with its uncertainties and will not be without its imperfections.