Monday, September 24, 2007

When the keyboard stop working with your laptop

My five year old laptop has always been showing signs of it's age. I had reformatted it about three times, which all has been performed reluctantly, as they involved wiping out all data inside. The CDROM also has refused to work and still remains so. The speakers will occasionally give me a static shock when I place my hands close to it. And it will just power down whenever it's too hot such that I have to constantly monitor it's temperature and CPU usage.

Today however gave me the biggest fright of all. The keyboard has gone cuckoo. I can't even logged on to windows anymore given that a number of alphabets cannot be typed by the keyboard anymore. I frantically punished the keys more in hope to log on to the machine at least one last time so I can backup my stuff, and luckily I'm able to do that. I am now typing this with my left hand on the keyboard and my right clicking on the on-screen keyboard. I have also removed my password on this machine.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Retail player's diary

Bought my first share in year 2004. Sold it in year 2005 and made a lost of RM 668.

Bought my second share this year and sold it in less than a month's time. Made a profit of RM 853. Outstanding 23.5% gain in less than a month's time.

Have bought my third counter and aiming on a fourth one. Let's see how they'll turn out.