Friday, September 11, 2009

My 27th birthday

Today is my birthday. Infamous 911.

My youngest brother, Sheng, sent me an sms:
Gor~ happy birthday..haha..It's kinda weird that i sms wish u..sorry nt at home..once again..happy birthday..

My first brother, Siang, of whom I seldom talk to, sent me an sms as well:
Happy birthday.

My second brother, Han, called my mom to asked whether we would be eating outside. My mom told him nope because she wasn't sure what time I'll return from work. I guess his intention was to join if we were to eat outside.

My dad took the effort to buy tapau dinner that cost RM48. It had yam + khau yuk. Pork belly being one of my favourite dish.

My mom gave me a red packet.

My boss bought the whole team Starbucks coffee to celebrate 4 team member's birthday. I took the chance to order a Grande. I usually just get a Tall.

Some colleagues, close friends, not so close friends, sent me birthday wishes in email, facebook wall, facebook message.

My girlfriend already gave me my birthday present in February 2009. And she sent a very touching sms at 12:05 AM.

I just wish in this birthday that I continue to be healthy, to be able to earn and provide, to have time to spent with family and loved ones, to be able to fulfil my promises to my girlfriend, to be able to achieve my little hopes.