Saturday, December 31, 2005

The year that was, a retrospect

I suppose I should go about with the obligatory the year that was:

  • I started Year 2005 at home. Home as in the apartment at Plaza 1 in Bahrain. I couldn't recall on celebrating that particular day in whatsoever manner. I think what I did was having an extra longer sleep. It felt alone or lonely. I couldn't figure which.

  • Year 2005 was a complete change for myself. Mentally as well as what it escalated me to become. I have had a great leap ahead. As a result I become more confident. I thought my lifestyle would be a complete makeover. Instead I realised it depends on individuals and how they succumb to their needs and wants. I did spent more but would still regard myself as being prudent.

  • I see things from a bigger perspective. I see the sacrifice needed for every wanted achievements. There was a growing dissent in me, the job and the environment. I still couldn't figure out which is the root. The year was punctuated with some fuming mad moments, some of which nearly made me lose myself. The project required us to be saints. I can see also the dissent and frustration in every colleague. At times, it would drive one to absolute madness. At the end of the day, I truly hope the end justified the means.

  • I became a frequent flyer. More than 50000 miles.

  • I became familiar with Bahrain. No shit.

  • Hong Kong was awesome. I was able to meet two of my housemates in UK. We carried off as if from where we stop corresponding 2 years ago. The camaraderie was great as well as the trip itself. Can't get enough of it.