Monday, January 07, 2008

2007 in review

It has been a tradition of sorts, which I've noticed at first on others and had adopted it for my own blog as well. A new year shall start with a summary and reflection of yesteryear.

- It was the year where I've purchased my first real estate property, albeit being a box in the sky.

- A supposedly growing relationship ultimately became an illusion. I guess I was delusional.

- I'd discovered an amusing fact, which is my net worth has surpassed 1 billion. However, currency of which shall not be revealed.

- Hit a point where I had seriously ponder and consider a career change despite being in a top consulting firm.

- Not long after that, I had decided to resign and move on. In hindsight, it was a brilliant move. A no brainer. I couldn't figure out what took me so long. That's nothing glorious in associating yourself with the brand name when there's nothing else to be gained from in building my career. That is the bottom line and simply a one line statement to describe it. What I have gained from it is truly life changing and a huge impact to my own character. The experience itself is also enriching, challenging, and had pushed myself to the limit many many times.

- An unplanned but eye opening trip to Jakarta and witnessing the life of my fellow CFO friend is interesting to say the least.

- By calculation or instincts, somehow, I've sold most of my equities near the spike.

- I had a bigger appetite towards risks in stocks.

- I have also been more willing to spend and live life a little more.