Sunday, August 29, 2004

the k kills

I did some rewriting of this post now that I'm more sober.

I felt like I nearly killed myself. Such a stupor state to be in. It is true what they say, about memory gap. I really can't recall all the questions thrown to me at that time. All I remember was I went to the loo for the 4th time and I did not successfully come out after that. I think I went in to throw up but somehow, I just sat there with my eyes closed. Almost like my body was switched off and that's without the slightest hint. You see, I was still singing before entering. So my mind then is still capable of reading lyrics and rendering melodies. Back to the questions, probably I'd heard and understood a few, but somehow I just couldn't answer them. Not that I'm a snob or something for ignoring my friends, it's more like feeling extremely lazy and powerless to do so. I can hear some laughter and perhaps they are enjoying what they see.

The next morning was hellish. My first hangover and it's going to be the last. The day started with me realising the memory gap phenomena. Like how I got out of that place and so on. I still got bits of memories of that though albeit its only seconds of flashes of images that manage to register in my mind. I felt ok when I woke up, then I started to puke phlegm. This followed by unknown yellowish liquid when I've got nothing to puke of. Then it got worse. It's like having fever but without the heat. Totally dead and limp. Afterwards I had breakfast and breakfast just stayed in my stomach temporarily because breakfast prefers to end up in the kitchen sink. I tried to fill myself with something coz my tummy felt empty, but somehow my body said fuck you and rejected all out again. After approximately 4 hours or so, I managed to drink a cup of warm water followed by a cup of tea and a piece of bread.

Appetite is gone for the following two days. Fortunately for me, my body is getting normal back.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

where is funny

The female gender have absolute no sense of humour

Hmmm. I'd never ever thought of that. Come to think of it, it's quite true really. My friends that crack me up are usually guys. Look at the entertainment scene. Can you identify more funny male stars/celebs or funny female stars/celebs? What about comedy standups or talkshows? Oprah is not funny, mind you. But I would like to know what's your take on this?

So if you meet a girl that can make you laugh, hug her tightly and never let go.


How many variables do you need in order for you to do a swap? Did I hear 3? Provided that we are talking about numerical values, we only need 2.

Swapping using three variables

A = B
B = C
C = A

Swapping using 2 variables

A = A + B
B = A - B
A = A - B

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

fler fler flerash flash

What do you mean by you need to teach me AGAIN? It's just some crappy job with the use of a hamster's intelligence. Well maybe I gave the hamster too much credit. It's not even up to that to begin with. I would have strangle you with so much force until your neck becomes that of a pencil's girth. Mind you, try to pronounce "flash" once, just once, next time. Not in a struggling and stammering way in which you need to repeat like 3 times. Lame. Get that right first numbskull. Serves you right for being borned in a yong-sui category. I knew God would have no mercy on your poor superficial soul and karma would have flattened your hopes of becoming more ... oh well nevermind. Forget it.

Monday, August 23, 2004

No cache ASP page

response.expires = 0


response.expires = -1

Add that to avoid cache of your ASP pages. Silly me. I'd wasted more than 5 minutes trying to figure out that weird old (logout, then login again, but it's still logon as the previous user) problem. I should have known it's bloody caching. Dumbass.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

the life of cicak

My Pa: *noticed the lizard at the corner of the ceiling*

*takes elastic band and aim*


lizard: *wah. jialat. diu lor*
(translation from lizard language)

My Pa: *goes for attempt 2*


"Chung hoi...kekekkeke"
(translation: hit already)

lizard: *aiyak*


*fells to the ground, piak*

Me and bro: *ambled over to check*

My bro: "Mmm yuk hoi...hau chiong si hoi"
(translation: not moving already..looks like it's dead)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kong Amit?

I have become more of a blogder. A blog reader that is. It's not really that I, myself have been on a hiatus, just that sometimes I ran out of inspirations and ideas or you could just simply put it as it has been dull as a log. Maybe not, just that I'd forgotten all those craps that I wanna blog about. I'm becoming MCC. No wait. That sounds girlie.

The clock in my car shows 7:34 AM while my watch shows 7:39 AM. Stop bitching about the inconsistency of my clocks and watches and let me continue. Look, I'm already stepping on the grounds of my office. Before you say what the hell am I doing here so fucking early coz I ain't no security guard or a paperboy or a lumberjack or a postman. Ahah, no, not even the postman gets to start work later than me. Goddamn. The sad fact is that it doesn't even feels early anymore. And that's pretty damn fucked.

While driving to work, I saw this dude in a petronas uniform standing in front of a well, petronas petrol station in a pondan-ish posture and holding waving a flimsy plastic national flag in also a pondan-ish way like. Well somebody tell me what is wrong with the picture? I seriously don't think that would make your petrol in your petrol station more appealing. It's more like wanting to fuel the rage of some tyke to come punch you in the face. *shrugs*

What are the 5 Cs of doing business? Convince, Complicate, Con, Corrupt, Charge. If that doesn't make sense to you, try and use each word in a sequential manner as per stated like above by attaching 'the bugger' behind each verb.

Some quotes heard or said throughout the week or erm, two weeks back? fuck. doesn't matter. Here it goes.

"Zhun Toi Chan Kor Tau Fu Pok"

"What's 6 with a dot on top of it? High pitched one?", "an Indian 6 perhaps?"

"If the dot is wearing a hat then it's a pause"

I initially thought it was going to be more quotes than that, indeed it was but my memory failed me yet again. Gotta hunt people and eliminate my task list. Ciao.

Sunday, August 15, 2004


It feels like waiting for the right pedal to come back up so that the right leg can step on it again. Like bicycle pedals, it takes effort from both legs to keep going. Without that, there is no journey.

Friday, August 13, 2004


ada kalanya aku tersembunyi di dalam sendiri. fikiranku melayang-layang tidak terkena. destinasi tidak wujud, tak usahlah sebut sampai. dibaham gelombang emosi bagaikan pemikiran semasa mandi. tetapi jasad dan emosi di muka tidak menunjuk sama sekali perasaan tersirat ini. diriku sendiri tidak faham phenomena ini cuma meletak perkataan perasaan di meja sebagai alasan.

mungkinkah ini semua cuma satu langkah yang susah untuk ke hadapan? walaupun ia kelihatan sebagai begitu dan kemungkinan besar ini benar, ia tetap satu langkah yang agak memudaratkan. hipotesis aku telah dibuktikan oleh langkah-langkah sebelumnya dan diriku yang telah dipahat dibina oleh pengalaman sebegitu. tetapi sebenarnya aku tahu dan harap ini bukanlah benar sama sekali dan semua ini bisa dianggap sebagai tanda-tanda takdir kehidupanku. ia telah seolah-olah menguasaiku untuk percaya dalam takdir. tetapi diriku yang semulajadi akan cuma menafikan semua ini.

aku sangat risau perjalanan ini. sebagai seorang yang agak praktikal dan bawah-ke-bumi (haha), perjalanan ini bagaikan jalan di alam fantasi.

saat-saat terakhir sebelum jariku meninggalkan papan kekunci ini, aku meminta ampun kerana yang tertulis ini adalah sampah. jangan risau jikalau anda tidak faham cerita aku. bm boleh mati. saya tidah perlu bm.

Damn. It took me damn 9 long to just come out with a sentence. You can't just think in English and try to write in Malay. It just doesn't work. It's evidently proven that my vocabulary in Bahasa Melayu is pretty limited. Pardon me. :p

Monday, August 09, 2004

the mushroom band

Shiitake were united once again in a rendezvous with a sister in a partially transparent wedding-gown like dress. Gone were the distorted riffs and the never ending repetitions of the limited repetoire. Gone were the musician camaraderie that holds us together. The drumset with 5 tom-toms still carries adhoc beats when it feels like it. Electric guitar solos mellowed into simple acoustic rhymes and mandarin karaoke seems to preceed with the rest. The keyboard is switched off and the vocal remains silent. Rhythm guitarist defines art as graphic design now. And that includes being partial boss of the company. It seems like a day has passed but in reality it's more like 2 years. It would be fairly easy to note that the underlying attitude of all were the same, all these while, even at this moment. The easily amused hundred kilo guy is beginning to feel bored of studies and is looking forward to work, perhaps to fund for his enthusiasm of his orange hue wife. The vain drummer is building on his old beamer to become a monster continental portfolio for his upcoming garage/workshop. The table is cluttered with many empty crunched Carlsberg cans and fei lou is complaining of not having enough dough. But how exactly can you justify that when you drive a beamer? It's also nice to see in a way that how things have progressed on our separate ways. And we shall let bygones be bygones but the bond once formed through thick and thin will always thrives on no matter how flimsy it looks. Looking at all of the movement of life and when all has been said and done, I knew what's missing.

Friday, August 06, 2004

7:48 AM

7:48 AM - Full house to the extent where double parking and parking at the bikes area is visible. The limit and boundary has yet been brought to a much earlier time now due to kiasu-ism. I lost the battle for today. Defeat is what I felt and all I could do is only grumble. The bottom line is, RM 3 for an extended 10 minutes snooze is rather expensive.

On an unrelated incident,

Me: *hands over money*

Sales Imbecile: "Tadi you bagi lima ringgit?"

Me: *WTF* "Lima Puluh. Lima puluh!"

Sales Imbecile: "Ohh"
(damn it, didn't get to extort this dude)

Sales Imbecile: *gives back change of forty eight bucks and fifty cents*

Me: *nia meh*

The rainbow and sunset

The farmer looks into the distance for a sight of a rainbow and sunset. Never did he realise what could happen and comes after that. The darkness seeps in after the magnificent sunset. A quiet yet creepy and chilly night sets in. The rainbow dissolves itself after a brief moment. The farmer cannot help but only to allow the beautiful colours to just holds his eyes. It doesn't matter whether or not he will indeed find his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Still the farmer looks forward for the rainbow and sunset. For without all of these, the farmer will forever fall.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

weekend jots

What's wrong with my darn sock. It's so tight the grip created a strong purple mark akin to the opening of a jar. It's like I'm trying to strangle my legs.

A reminder for myself, never use Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman ever again. Insane jam with "pakchi" traffic cop. Oh yeah may I repeat, insane jam! The worst part, reason for such epilepsy is still unknown.

Got partially conned. I'm disappointed in the quantity but not quality this time. Pretty bizzare situation that was, I know. Only met two familiar faces at the overcrowded PC Fair. And that two faces belongs to two individuals who I've only met once each in a yamcha session. Name of one is still unknown.

After 300 personal contact details have been entered, I really can feel the ache. (Repetitive Stress Injury) R.S.I perhaps? Damn it, will need to drop by at SS2 to get 700 more. If it deemed not profitable enough, I will quit.