Monday, December 29, 2003


What is gaim? It's an open source software which combines ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, and many other IMs. I just tried it yesterday and I find it quite cool. The fact that a new version comes up every week brings hope. Currently it's functionality is somewhat limited such as file transfer, SMS, MSN Display pic, and other integration with the IM accounts.

On the bright side though, I get to organise my yahoo + icq + MSN contacts into groups and I can chat with them by just using one IM software. The interface is great. The loading is fast. The memory usage is low. I'm getting 3 in 1 using 1's resource. Kudos to the developers for GAIM as I really love the interface. Simple yet friendly.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Sepang Drag Race

Went to Sepang Drag Race yesterday night. It was around midnight that we arrived. Gosh. The place was crowded with cars and people. I should say there are about 10000 - 30000 people there. The majority is malays.

Hmm it's one of my better experiences at a race event because of the better venue not like Batu Tiga and a better atmosphere. Not only did I saw some fast and furious cars, there are some cool babes to check out too.

Nonetheless, it's also a terrible outing. Why? After the event ended, we proceed to meet up in Petronas station and then roll the way home. Heck, we met up with a police block at the petrol station. The police took Babee's IC and asked us to proceed to the Balai KLIA. According to him, there is an operasi besar. Damn it!

Arrived at that pesky Balai and those with their ICs taken will need to squat in there and wait for their urine test. Oh crap. I do not need to be in there but I've gotta wait for the rest of my friends to complete that test. So I hangout with Alvin and Lawrence some new friends that I made there. Apparently Alvin is working in the same company as Her Tak. The world is small. Hehehe, Lawrence got some revenge by stealing some police's cigarette pack. Kakakaka. The police finally release my friends are few hours. We ended up the whole thing about 5.30 AM. What a waste of our time and unnecessary shit. I know shit happens but it's so putih how we ended up here.

Damn the corrupted police, they sure did want money. They took RM50 bucks from Kenny. I believe they are just jealous that Kenny has two milo tins exhaust installed on his Fairlady.

The whole incident has gotten into me, I woke up at 3pm today......It's damn pathetic..:(

Friday, December 26, 2003

Laziness n Christmas

Been lazy to blog. Another reason being the lack of things to rant about. Been procrastinating some blogging. Well since I'm damn bored in the office right now and most of my colleagues are on leave, I'll just update my blog lor.

Hmm ok. Let's talk about christmas. Hmm my christmas wasn't that happening or hip but it was ok. Went to Eaglepoint Covenant Church in the morning. After 2 hours later, Reuben, Sharon and Reuben's family and I went to Billy's open house for some Nasi Briyani and other south indian delicacies. After that, I went to Nicholas Ong's open house. It was merrier than the previous years. When I went to his room, I was shocked to see the amount of people squeezed into his room. Gasp! I greeted all of them with a mild "wah". kakakaka. Some of them I haven't met yet while others are Nicholas car gang. We talked about their jobs and we came to the conclusion that 100% of his friends or car gang members are into jobs which are directly related to cars. Hmmm being mechanic, audio specialist, second hand car sales and etc. No wonder their hobbies and topics in yamcha session is only bout cars. This sometimes put me off coz I will get sick of it.

Hope to finish Chong Siong Wan Xiu by today. I've still got 9 episodes more to go.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Italian Experience

Talking about Italy in the previous post, I wanna jot down my funny experience in Italy. It began when me and my friend Benson, needed to find our own dinner that day in Rome. So we went around the streets nearby and found a restaurant with quite a good ambience and the chalkboard / blackboard or whateva you called it has some funky ads / items of the menu.

The shop was empty but a long strech of tables apparently seemed to be booked for the evening. When the waitress came to serve us, she brought the menus and waited for our orders. Whoa. The menu is written entirely in Italian. We can't even give a shot at guessing and deciphering the text. So we just return the menu and speak to the waitress in English. She then understood the situation and called her manager or boss to come. Learned a few Italian words during the conversation. We used hand gestures and single english words to communicate for our dinner. We spoke the word 'chicken' and use our arms moving like a chicken wing movement. Hahahaa. How pathetic. Eventually we succeeded in communicating our desires for our dinner. We ordered chicken = pollo. Coke = coke. and not forgetting spaghetti bolognese. I was surprised when the waitress pronounced "Spaghetti Bolognaise". It has a high tone / pitch at the syllable 'etti' and 'nese'. The 'e' are pronounced like in BM or in English like the word 'met'.

However, the is a glitch when we tried to ask for some soup. We put on a hand serving soup to ourselves in a holding spoon position. The boss says OK and he later brought fork and knife to our amusement and disappointment. kakakaka. What an experience.

Weird Site Visitors

I came to a surprise when I check about my stats of my domain visits. I couldn't well remember how long I have got the domain going on but periodically I would check on my stats.

What came to amuse me was in the month of december, I got a whopping 82% of visitors from US. Eih I don't know why or how they link to my page. Hmmmmmmm. Although 82% would only translate about 41 individuals, that's still quite a lot of Americans visiting my site.

For the rest of the countries, I'm not that particularly surprised coz it's mostly Malaysia and UK. Places where I've friends. Hmm in the month of November, that's 2 Italian visitors. Hehehe that's funny. Bon Journo to them!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Mundane Life

Found out and confirmed something today while I was chatting to an old pal Siew Kong today. We were kinda discussing about life changes and updates of each other's working life as well as social life. For him, he works at odd hours or work a late shift. It is either he can't see the sun or he will need to work till 12 AM. Gosh I just feel so lucky compared to him on that very second. Well we agreed that working life has got rid of our friends in someway. This transitional period seems weird to me. I was commenting that "My Form 5 Life is more happening than now". It seems that I can get more entertainment or social life in Form 5 when I'm suppose to face a major exam and constant nagging from my mom if I'm not showing to her that I'm working hard on it.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Canteen aka Cafeteria

It was at 12PM where we usually had our lunch at the company's Canteen / Cafeteria. Why there? Because we've got this RM2.50 subsidy and we don't need to go out under the hot sun to have lunch outside.

When the canteen management somehow changed the cashier lady, things gone awry nowadays. Somehow or another, the new cashier lady doesn't know how to count properly / count without the calculator / discriminate gender / discriminate race. Fuck that obtuse succubus. My colleague basically had a same pathetic thing which we call our lunch. That imbecile cashier lady charged her RM0.30 but charged me RM1.30 and this is not on one occasion. This event has generated laughter from the table. It's not really about the money matters but somehow I feel so unjust.

Hope that fugly bitch will fester pus all over her decaying body.

Download box to save file in client pc

Dim sFullFileName
sFullFileName = server.MapPath("/reporting") & "\photo.jpg"

Dim sFileName
sFileName = "photo.jpg"

Response.Contenttype = "application/x-unknown"
Response.Addheader "Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" & chr(34) & sFileName & chr(34)
Response.Binarywrite GetBinaryFile(sFullFileName)

Function GetBinaryFile(ByVal sFileSpec)
Const adTypeBinary = 1
Dim objStream
Set objStream = Server.Createobject("ADODB.Stream")
objStream.Type = adTypeBinary
objStream.LoadFromFile sFileSpec
GetBinaryFile =
Set objStream = Nothing
End Function

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Display Image / Blob that is stored in database on webpage using ADODB.STREAM

Visual Basic Source code

Set objPhoto = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
objPhoto.Type = adTypeBinary
objPhoto.Write (recData("Photograph"))
objPhoto.SaveToFile "./Images/Photo.jpg", adSaveCreateOverWrite
ImgPhoto.Picture = LoadPicture("./Images/Photo.jpg")

ASP Source Code
const adTypeBinary = 1
const adSaveCreateOverWrite = 2
Set objPhoto = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
objPhoto.Type = adTypeBinary
objPhoto.Write (recData("Photograph"))
objPhoto.SaveToFile "./Images/Photo.jpg", adSaveCreateOverWrite

Create a <IMG SRC="/Images/Photo.jpg">

**recData("Photograph") = A Recordset retrieved with the Photograph field

Feel free to use the code above. If it solves your problem, that's great. Otherwise, hope you found a site which has good source codes to share out by someone like me.

Monday, December 08, 2003


Life as a programmer can really be daunting. A programmer throughout his life will accumulate unnecessary rise of blood pressure, unnecessary mind boggling task of solving something which seems totally alright but then again, it's not, having the need to produce something which is against his own design or thoughts which are significantly seems more efficient than the customer's requirements, solve silly problems which will just make him look like a dullard donkey-ass and finally facing the problems of changes that just wouldn't stop coming and it becomes mundane as the customer's or superior's mind just wouldn't be satisfied with the design.

I've just given myself a severe frustration while debugging some stuffs. Finally after hours of the mental torture, I found the culprit inside the code. It's actually forgetting to change the conditions into Malay. Bastard. If they didn't want a malay GUI system, I wouldn't need to do such stupid things. Why can't they just learn English. Crappy imbecile and obtuse idiots.

I hate life as a programmer.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Unexpected Decision

Salinah. Our department's admin. The one who is always having make up of inches thick. As her usual self, she just rammed in and shouted. Well not really shouted but it's kinda loud. "Halo Halo Halo. Semua Mari". That got everyone pop their head ups from their cubicle to check out. She shown us 4 shells of somekind of gadget which basically comes in four different hues.

Marroon, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Gold. We gotta put our names and our selection of the colours available. Hmmmm to add to our confusion of what that gadget is. She added "Mari pilih. Jangan tanya ini bende aper". Aiksz. Oh well, it looked like a cordless phone but slightly bigger. There is numbers of 0-9 and a triangular button. Hmmmmm. And everyone in this department is required to have one?