Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My mini trip to Cherating

I feel so in relief now. I'm exhausted but I'm happy coz I finally made it back to KL again. So let today be a lazy day to recuperate. Ok now it's time to document and recapture the moments throughout the mini trip to Cherating.

I went to Cherating with Reuben and Billy, well let's call him Bachya. Bachya reached my house and picked me up at 7+ AM. Then we had a quick check of the car which includes topping up on brake fluids, water and engine lubricant. After that, we set forth our way to Cherating.

Bachya was complaining that when braking, it's giving shivers to the steering wheel. Apparently that bugger didn't replace his exhausted brake pads. So we had a stop at Bandar Maran to get some new brake pads. Bachya kinda behaves like a woman being very choosy and picky. Finally Bachya settled with his choice of brake pads at Kuantan.

Upon reaching Cherating, Bachya collapsed on the bed. Reuben and I walked to the nearby cafe / restaurant along the beach to have a drink and snack while watching beach dogs and mat sallehs playing with frisbees. There were a group of uncles sitting across our table chatting out loud in a humourous perspective on the topics of death, how liquor will kill them but not beer and ermmm, basically that's all. While heading back to our room, Reuben collected many umang-umangs and placed them in a coconut, the drink he had earlier.

We had seafood for dinner and planned to hit some pubs later on. While we were driving around to check out our options, the car got uppity. The power windows became slow, then the lights from the dashboard became dimmer and inevitably the clock also is dying. Damn it, we can't even have the headlights on and there's not even time to bother about the brake lights yet. So as you've guessed it, we drove around in some kampung roads without headlights, turn-signal lights and brakelights. It's as if we were some secret agents trying to camouflage the vehicle and blend in with the night. It's much of a fear factor kinda thing coz we nearly got smacked by a van. So we ended up tailing a lorry, a huge vehicle with plenty of lights to guide us back.

We reached our hotel safely but the car's gone. The battery was flat I guessed. Nevermind that, we abandoned the thought about the car and carried on with our pub trip by foot. Yeah, so we were again, walking along the beach in pure darkness with the sights of pubs some kilometres away motivating us to keep walking. We finally reached at one and enjoyed our beers and stouts.

About an hour later, a big ass Malay dude tapped Bachya's shoulder and points at the beach signalling they need to talk there. Reuben and I didn't quite get bothered by that. After a minute later, we heard a loud and echoing "SPAK". We instinctively look at Bachya's direction and he was at the receiving end of a big smack from that dude. Immediately my heart started to palpilate and I scoured around looking for potential weapons while preparing my mind to be in triad mode. I was juggling the options available which were the plastic chair, some bricks nearby some pots of plants and my glass. In my mind, I selected the glass. The next thing I saw was that Bachya raising his arms showing both of his palms to that dude backing off. That corpulent dude still managed to land a lame kick and two extra right handed hook. Bachya came back and we gave him some minutes to compose himself. He then became our laughing stock for the rest of the hours. He got whacked for talking to some ugly bitches a while ago. The conclusion to this could be made in one sentence. "Chun Tou Lan".

The car died a few times when we were travelling from Cherating to Kuantan the next morning. We managed to get it running again by doing the classic push and rev solution. Finally the verdict has been spoken. The car fuckin died at a traffic light junction of all places. Damn! We pushed the car and did a U-turn at the traffic light junction and pushed it all away along a row of shoplots into a workshop. That was like one of the most heroic attempts I ever did with so many people watching. I would rate that second, coz carrying a mattress with 3 other guys across the city with many gwai lous watching still rates first. At approximately 6 PM, the mechanics from the workshop said they couldn't get the car ready by that night itself.

Bachya said he will stay another day for his car while we can go back by bus first. Reuben argued with Bachya and I was kinda caught in the middle. That was some very unnecessary squabbles which could sour their many years of friendship. The rude and high decibels of mocking and fingers pointing just wouldn't be benefiting anything. I said to Bachya, "Eh, don't get angry lah" and he gave me a small nod before I left for the bus station.

I bet I look like a haggard after 5 hours of that bus trip. While I'm on the bus, I miss KL and my mind was fully occupied with many things, both good and bad. I guess sometimes I'm a bloody muthafugga who just won't tell anybody everything. That's me. Luckily I had Corner King to pick us up from Pudu Raya at 1 AM and I appreciate that.

Lessons Learnt:
1. Service that damn car.
2. Shit happens
3. Uncertainty always exist, prepare for disaster management.

umang-umang: hermit crab?
Chun Tou Lan: imbecile

Sunday, May 23, 2004

random thoughts. not meant to be understood.

I met this amusing person who was described as psycho by her friend. I supposed I agreed to that keyword association when I gave a few nods. Let's call the psycho bear.

bear is a hell of a talkative person whose weird topics range from La Senza bras to High 5 breads, Kam Kuai Fei to how she burnt RM 10000 in 5 months without purchasing anything major and a new skirt so short I thought it sounds more like a belt. I was dumb enough to ask what is Kam Kuai Fei thinking it's some kind of nutritional food to increase appetite. In return, bear describes illustrates Kam Kuai Fei in the most vivid, explicit and hillarious method ever using the before and after mechanism. At that particular moment, my brain was telling me "What the hell?" while triggering the laughter department.

I had a talk with my dad today during breakfast which is something rather unusual. We seldom talk. The topics talked about today were the insights of football betting logics, work, new highways and office politics. I think I talk more with my mom coz she asks too much too often and that's only because she wants to know and control everything. I will often disgress and keep details to a minimum. In contrast, my dad won't even bother at all. I guess his concept is more like you-take-care-of-your-own-life-and-ass. Reverting back to my mom's power, that's one thing that my dad and I would often get stoned and gave each other the classic deer look but just carry out all my mom's plans so she won't burst into this volcanic explosion. In other words, to be on the safe side just do what she wants.

Friday, May 21, 2004


I saw Tun Dr. Mahathir today, at my company's lobby. He came to look at some systems which was demonstrated by MCS team. Not me. So I didn't get to do the group photo thingy. :(. Can't post photo here. :(.

Anyway, from my observation, he came in a big-ass black gorgeous brand new S Class Benz. Now who says he moves around in Protons? Bullshit! He was wearing some greyish suit. Some of my friends were telling me he's quite short, but I guess he stands at about 5'8". When he was about to leave, everyone was waving bye-bye which was so fake and that includes the Datuk of the company.

about uncle

Got a call from uncle requesting me to go over to provide support. It seems that the system is having numerous problems. Nevermind, I went and have a look. When I got there, he complained about not being able to login. So I asked what username and password combination did he use. I was bemused and flabbergasted when he said he used UserName1 as the login and UserName2 as the password. Damn!

Uncle talked about some of his job experiences and his time when he was still studying. It was lame and it further convinces me that what kind of a sick bastard he is. Some excerpts of his statements.

uncle: "..I like to visit museums"

uncle: "I went there in the late seventies"
(*See, he was a hippie*)

uncle: "It looks like a stamp"
(while he was commenting about the GUI of some system, actually it has dotted lines as borders)

uncle: "It feels like I can cut it from the screen"
(also commenting about the stamp look while using hand gestures to illustrate)

I bailed my ass out of the party place so that I won't be seen like I'm hanging out with this uncle. That freak's not someone you would like to associate with.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Crazy k9s

Something caught hold of my attention this morning just before I left my house to work. It's my youngest brother's goldfish. Normally I wouldn't bother about his fishies. But I saw something that left me bemused yet bewildered.

Look at the length of that loaf! That dumb aquatic creature can really shit. After looking at that lengthy feces of that fish which is still intact to the fish's butt, I pronounce that round and shiny fish the champion of the day.

Another story relating to the kingdom of animals. This time it would be the canine (k9). I was driving back home and gotta slow down coz there was this speed-bump ahead. I then noticed a brown dog with pointy ears at the side. Normally I would just pass by without any second thoughts. But no, this dog has a very weird stare towards my car. That dog was staring at me and we both locked eyes for about 1.5 seconds. Then that mongoloid dog fuckin snapped and started to give chase to my car. This was accompanied by a few angry barks of his.

I was caught dumbfounded and slightly petrified to be honest, albeit I'm in my car. Naturally, I accelerated more to speed up with hope that the obtuse dog would eventually realised he's fuckin dumb to continue to give chase. For what reason this dog decided to chase me / my car, I do not know.

Actually there is another incident which is somewhat similar. A few months back, I went to fetch a friend from her house with a bunch of mates in my car. She owns this dog named "Ah Wong". Come to think of it, "Ah Wong" has some resemblance to the dog I met this evening. After my friend got into the car, "Ah Wong" decided to do the same I guess. Probably "Ah Wong" felt left out for not being invited for the outing. It then chase my car. I will never forget "Ah Wong" coz it jumped and pressed its paws to one of the doors causing some scratches. *Grrr*. "Ah Wong" was brave enough to stood in front of my car and quickly went to the back when I was reversing. If "Ah Wong" wasn't my friend's pet, I wouldn't give a damn and just accelerated. But I was worried that I might kill "Ah Wong" or at the very least knock him stupid. So I tricked "Ah Wong" by pretending to reverse slowly. "Ah Wong" with its knowledge that standing-at-the-back-of-car-when-reversing-will-stop-me indeed rush to the back. I then switched. Did the opposite. Fast. Hehe.

The funny part was when my mom took my car to the workshop to have some part fixed, the mechanic not knowing this story said that
those scratches are done by some monkey living nearby my house

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I don't speak Tamil

16th May 2004, 4.09 AM: While I was driving my way back home after Le Tour de "Pan Cafe Pj - Bangsar Telawi 3 - Espanda KL - Rani's Corner Cheras", the trunk road nearby my house was jammed and that is the main road stretching along Leisure Mall. I was thinking, "What the hell?". I was dumb enough to not notice the earlier signs that there was this huge police block there. Earlier while I was negotiating this roundabout, a few motorcycles kinda U-turn and move in the opposite direction illegally, illegally as in taking up the road that I'm driving along.

I went through the block without any fuss when that policeman wave his dumb flashing rod furiously. I saw 5 cars being stopped at the side and all of the drivers have the same characteristics, which is the "lala" look or shall we call that the "Ah Beng" factor. So I guess, I'm either not qualified enough to be one of them or that they have already stopped 5 cars and there isn't any space for me yet.

Sunday as usual, my winding down day. But's it's not that good considering while I was having my afternoon nap coz I've nothing to do or I'm just too lazy, the electricity got cut off. Damn! That's when I woke up coz it's so fuckin hot when there is no air-cond and after a couple of minutes walking around, I decided to pay the nearby car wash a visit.

While waiting for my car, I sat at the adjacent mamak. After I settled the bill, there was this indian fella talking to me in Tamil pointing his finger to his colleague. I think he is ridiculing his colleague by the tone of his and evil laughter. But hey! I don't fucking understand Tamil. So what's the point of telling me? It's like talking to your goldfish. This is not the first time. It happened before in various parts of Cheras, Puchong, etc.

On another note, I don't know which is more ludicrous. The roti canai which is as strong as some tyre or the fuckin fork which bent 90 degrees into a L-shape fork when I wanna tear/cut that roti. It's amusing but then again, I didn't know whether I'm supposed to laugh or cry. I did neither.

Saturday, May 15, 2004


My pal's plan did not work out yesterday. TBM did not show up. It was a huge disappointment for him. He expressed his disappointment during our second round of "yam cha". And speaking of second round, I noticed that this dude is like a werewolf or maybe Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. He is very much quiet when his wife is around but when it's all guys left, the mood in him changed just like that, just before you can snap your fingers.

The wide grin on his face and non stop blabbering until 3 AM provens that. Probably he wanna act cool / macho or rather not make an ass out of himself by talking too much. I've got no idea. Whateva.

Friday, May 14, 2004


To my beloved cronies, I don't feel like writing what happen throughout the day in my blog anymore thanks to you fellas. Coz I feel it's redundant as you fellas already knew everything. So if I were to write the stuff of the day, it will be a disappointment for you guys when you guys were in the identity of my blog readers.

So what should I do? See! It becomes so weird now. Nevermind, I shall carry on for now as it's still my freakin blog.

I was extremely livid today after hearing about news that my name was submitted for a trip to Miri again. That means my holiday is robbed and this is without me knowing it. So I guess steal would be a better word. It took me roughly 200 steps to walk to the other side of the Software Department, searching for the obnoxious nemesis cikgu and preparing myself to shout at cikgu's face if necessary. Luckily she wasn't there. I got back to my place and seek higher authority's information to clarify things a little. I felt like I'm this annoying little leprechaun in the eyes of the higher ones. I later found out that it was a false alarm and it was very much of a relief.

One of my pal told me today that he felt horny and he wanted to see and hangout with this girl with big boobies and this is without his gf's presence.

Fag: "Wanna lure Tai Bor Mui to come??"
(*Fag is his nick in IM*)

Fag: "Pretty wanna see tbm"

Fag: "aiyah. chicks lar..."

Fag: "like that also shy ah"

Fag: "Feelin horny lar..."

Fag: "Damn tb la..cannot tahan"

The conversation were heavily editted and that includes my reply. Hmmm. You get what I mean now? That was kinda weird coz I felt like I was dragged into his plan for tonite and I will definitely not be comfortable in such outing. I will transform into a boring log of wood. Well maybe I am one now if you haven't already know, but you see, denial takes place. Tee Hee.

Ok bloody hell. What happened to my Liverpool FC Jersey? It's attracting dust. F**k.

tahan = stand / endure (In Malay)
Tai = Big (In Cantonese)
Bor = Ball / Boob (In Cantonese)
Mui = Girl (In Cantonese)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


A post dated back at 12th May 2003 which I procrastinate to post till now.

I saw that on my PC when I came into office. Now my cubicle looks slightly cuter. But not too much else it will be mistaken as a female's. .

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

New look

Ok. I do not deserve the credit for it as I'm using a template. :(

Took me quite some time to customised it and now I'm still figuring how to remove that blogspot ad thingy on top? Anybody can help me? Oliviasy? How you do that?

I'm tryin the blockquote to see how it looks like

That thing known as sleep

A dreadful hot day again. After my shower, I still feel hot. I switched on the aircon and look at my bed. It looks tempting. But the clock shows 7 PM. What the heck, even nike said "Just do It". I crawled onto my bed curling myself like a ball taking only half the space of my bed. Then I slowly rub my legs between the sheets to find the most comfortable position. Before I realised it, sleep swarmed in and I'm out.

After an hour later, I heard furious knocks on my door. It was my father. Reminder for dinner. It was then I felt that sleep seems so illegal. I had my dinner and went back to my room.

According to my plan, I'm supposed to finished up some work that night. Well it didn't really materialised. Say thanks to the evil phenomena which is known as sleep. Again! Damn! Now I'll have to be on hyper productive mode just to keep myself on schedule.

I will not indulge in sleep of that quantity again. But who am I to say or control that? I'm just a normal human being afterall.

Sunday, May 09, 2004


I saw about 8-10 babies in a restaurant. That place was inducing headaches and the noise was beyond frustrating. It was such a phenomenon where I saw one baby who started the whole commotion. He cried. Then he triggered a whole chain reaction to which all other babies simultaneously wishes to emulate and maybe out wail that fella. It was massive and the new parents were trying to comfort their child by making an ass out of themselves, making lies, feeding them with food, "chuk chuk chuk" don't work u know, and other possible solutions to no avail.

I'm sure the babies just cry for the sake of crying upon seeing other babies cry. It's like "Let's join in". There was this baby with a coconut tree on her hair looking passionately at another baby who threw a tantrum. I saw her mouth moved probably muttering "Oh ohaah wohaha" or something around that region. Then she fucking cried too.

I think I will take back my words. Nope. Not going to post cikgu's picture here. That's like breaking rule 1. I'm not going to pollute my own bloggie.

It's Sunday and it's what I call the winding down day or reset button day. lol. Sigh, but I'm feeling weird. It's as though I'm not me. I'm not myself. I think I'm in a rather confusing state which I don't know how I ended up here and what's the root cause of all this. It's beyond feeling melancholic. Not that I'm worrying about something. Nope. Hmmm this has happened before when I'm still in my secondary school days and I forgotten how I got rid of it. Well I guess sleep with do me justice.


It's so fuckin hot today. Been out for lunch and it nearly took my life. Good lord, it's 39 degrees.

Haven't been blogging for the past few days. Nothing in particular which I want to rant about and I don't feel like writing diary jots.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Goofy cikgu

Small note: I saw some of the factory workers today having some blue coloured rice for breakfast. Hmm that looks very yummy?

*Grr* Cikgu got to my nerves yet again. "Ding khui ar". While I was presenting the system to the client ala high Immigration Officer and we were thinking of a easier solution....

Me: "Yeah. You can just use a shortcut folde........"

Cikgu: *Interrupted* "Sorry. I got a suggestion. Why not add a ....[edited]..."

My brain: "Pok Lei Keh Kai. Kom Toh Yan Sei Mm Kin Lei Sei"

I think BSMR is cursed. Today was my 6th day there, and it sucks too. While waiting for the elevator, there was this strange looking indian woman staring at me and my colleague like we were some exotic creatures. Then she asked.

StrangeWoman: "Are you from the press?"

Me: *huh?* "No!"

Oh yeah, I burst out laughing my ass off when I saw cikgu's photo on the computer screen today. Damn goofy man. Hahahaha. I just can't help it.

khui = he / she (cantonese)
ar = exclamation (don't know)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Not again! Diu....

Rats. I need to go to the dreadful BSMR / Immigration Office again. Muthafugga. This is so not right. What are they doing actually? To use up a whole month to get them sign that fucking piece of paper doesn't seem efficient. Ad hoc changes like that will kill, ya know? What sort of management is this? Use your brain! Use your brain! You're damn right I'm not happy with how it is going right now.

I finished with my part and I'll deliver it tomorrow morning. Hope it will be the last day for me and I'm not required to be in Miri again for deployment for goodness sake.

Enough of ranting. Here's the good news instead. Haha. I've got my leave approved. Yay! 22nd - 30th of May. That's friggin 9 days......hmmmm.....I'm spoiling myself with holidays again. Muahaahahhaa!

Keep my mouth shut

I was told to finish up my portion by tomorrow as the bloody final demo / UAT (User Acceptance Test) after god knows how many weeks will be the day after. I was given the impression like the whole project is dependent on me and I am the definite culprit if all goes wrong. Ok, that sounds fair!

I will pledge here and now that I will learn to keep my mouth shut. And by keeping my mouth shut, I mean not to disclose information to other denizens / neanderthals. Knowledge is power, ya know? You see, I'm a quiet person. But sometimes I couldn't hold myself back to tell others of information that I know of. I would always wanted to enlighten them. Not sure why? but that's how I am. I realised now that this is not such a good habit.

I learnt from a Triad Leader in a TVB series whereby he whacked his subordinate and then gave his advice. It spells like this.

"There are things that should not be said, there are things that need not be said and there are things that must not be said!"

Farking hell, that sounds pretty damn weird and crap. But then again, of course, I'm not a master of Cantonese translation. Anyway you get the essence of it.

No work! No work! I protest to go to work!


The so-called long weekend is over. Time passes really fast when you are enjoying. Maybe not so much of enjoying but it's much better than to go work. Since I have not taken a single leave after working for 6 months, I think it's bloody time that I shall take some in June May. Damn it! I have to clear leave before June? Stupid company policy.

I felt burnt for not having a holiday. Something is just not right. Holiday is such a bitch. Look what it has done to me? My motivation to go work is basically NIL. Not even the news of some hot chick entering my department tomorrow.

I had a weird outing today which goes off in a rather odd sequence as well. I went with Reuben and KK. It goes something like this, change pirated DVD at Sungai Wang, then to McDonald's across BB Plaza, ran back to Plaza Berjaya under the rain, went to see fishies at the Aquarium at Shah Alam again!!! Then proceeded to Hartamas for dinner and subsequently to Soul Out for lager beer. Finally back to my den.

On a lighter note, KK blurt out some of the most amazing grammar in cantonese today. LOL. He was talking on the phone and apparently he was trying to confirm something with his friend and this conversation took place.

KK: "Yau Lan Mou Lan oh??" (Got dick, no dick? = Are you sure? / Really?)

Friend on the phone: "a;sldkfasldkfj" (Basically I can't hear that)

KK: "Hahaha...Hai Lan Mm Hai Lan?" (Is dick or not dick? = Is it true? / Really?)

Me: "Hahahahahahahahaha"
(*In a rather confused, weird, amusing, "What The Hell?" state*)

Signing off now. Work day is such a muthafugga.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Breakfast Story

I didn't join my family for breakfast today. Instead I went to the Aquarium Trip. Refer to the previous post. My dad brought up this story about what he encountered this morning.

According to my dad, there was this chinese dude in japanese-type-blue-mechanic shirt (Don't worry, I'm confused about that shirt too) doing some promotion. That chinese guy was wailing out loud to gain attention.

Chinese Guy: "Fai tit lei thai. San Pou Hoi Cheong, Sung Sui Thung" (Come and have a look. We are giving out buckets as our new shop is opening)

Neighbourhood / Bystanders: *rush rush to take pail / bucket*

So I asked my dad.

Me: "What kind of a shop is that? What do they sell actually?"

Dad: "Don't know. Sat Pai shop." (translation: Sat Pai = Failure)

Everybody in the car: "hahahahaha"

Aquarium Trip

Went to this Xian Leng Aquarium this afternoon. There are tons of fishes ranging from those big ass fish on top, batman rays, polka dot rays, many types of uncomprehensible-species-to-me fishes and especially a good collection of Arowanas. Talking about Arowanas, I saw the price tag of the arowanas that they are selling. RM 9999. I was like. What the? Who in their right mind would pay 10 grand for a fish man? That's so absurd. I appreciate those who admire and have passion for these creatures as pets / for feng shui / for something to look at when you are bored / hobby / etc..,but heck, that price is absolutely absurd.

- The top left pic's quality is so bad that I can't even improve it using Photoshop. Damn Nokia 7250i + bad weather.

- The top right pic gave a shock. They stick a dead fish to a board, framed it and hang it at their shop's entrance. Nia sing. Urgh. No comments.

- The two bottom pics depicts this erm, 5-6 feet of pool for those big ass fish. Anyone wanna swim along with them?

Not for me

The left pic shows my youngest bro and the background is this joint I'm about to describe. The right pic shows this. "Look! no food".

That's like one of those joints that my parents hangout at. You can recognise these places by their trademark keyboardist players who occassionally plays out of tune, mediocre singer wannabe on the stage, uncles and aunties in their 50s and 60s trying to be hip but sometimes "lebih" and of course old done to death songs. I think it even surpass Teresa Teng's era. It's so old damn it. Everytime when my mom found a new joint, she would definitely invite the whole family to so call "kin sik" or open our eyes. Yeah, it did open my eyes to see such ridiculous scene. I will never ever gonna fall into her trap again. Luckily I drove there in a separate car myself. Haha. I bailed as soon as I finished the food. My mom was not too happy and said this:-

Mom: "Your brother haven't had time to rest and digest the food. Why are you so in hurry?" in Hakka

Me: "...."
(*proceed to leave without replying. All my brothers and cousin follow*)

kin sik = In cantonese, to examine / see / learn
lebih = In malay, outrageous / more)

My nick, Loonatik

Yesterday nite, during a "Yam Cha" session, Mickey Mouse told me he stumbled into my blog through Google search. Apparently he is searching for Sepang Drag Race and somehow my blog became one of the top links in the results. Aih? I just posted a small rant the night before that and you can just see below it is written at an ungodly hour. Haha..Sorry dude for not finding what you are supposedly aftering, blame Google for giving you shitty search results like, erm, my blog..kekeke

I did a Google search on my nick "Loonatik" as well to see where my blog stands at in the lists of search results. *Ahem* That keyword did bring my blog as the top 3 results. However, I saw many other sites and forums with members having nick variations of "loonatik" and "LooNaTiK". Well I have to declare that there are many people out there sharing my so called nick.

I shall tell you how my nick came about. When I was in UK, one of our favourite passtimes was to whack Warcraft 3 in a LAN game. So we occassionally change our nicks in the game, most often using our real names to distinguish ourselves in the game and provide faster recognition to aid faster communication and decision making. I can't remember all the nicks that I've used though but here is a short list anyway..

"Computer 1"
"VanguardReagan 1" <-- Trying to piss off a friend. hehehe
"MacLeod Ken" <-- Pretending to be this dude to fight with Lee Kor, haha, Lee if you just happen to know that only after reading this, my apologies to you. :p.

Ok. Back to my nick history story. I thought of manipulating my name to come out with a nick. Hence the hybrid of lunatic + Tik Loon, rearranged it and there's where and when my nick is borned.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Rush

4:16 AM is displayed on my desktop. It has been ages since I hangout outside till this sort of hours. Mainly it's due to the fact that I started working and life is no more how flexible that I want it to and partly becoz my close pal Shawn is working normal hours again. And by normal hours, I mean 8-5 / 9-6 / 8-5.30 and many more variations of it. He used to work at odd hours which he call shifts and there is basically no weekends for him and no sunlight. I think he got tired of his nocturnal lifestyle and want to hit back with the so called normal lifestyle and obviously the first thing he complained was about the traffic jam.

As my world is shrinking and my circle of friends are diminishing, I've got one more friend back. I went to Sepang Drag Race with Shawn. If you know me well, you will know that I don't really fancy drag race / illegal car racing / modified auto events and the likes. However sometimes you must have a common interest between you and your friend. It's sort of like a compromise or shall I say give and take. As the show came to an end, I was quite stunned with the outcome whereby a Satria GTI became the champion of Class A category beating an Evolution 6 in the final drag. That ridiculous result was emphasized with the shouts of "Malaysia Boleh" by some Malay dude.

Went to meet up with some other old friends at Stevens OUG after that. I saw Jimmy. So what about Jimmy? Nothing, he's fine. He still looked like how he looks like 2 years ago. The mind boggling part was with his girlfriend. You see, Jimmy has a history with his weird peculiar taste in chicks. In fact, I think he needs some psychology treatment of some kind now. Good lord, I can finally use the word "Zhu Pa" for his latest gf man. The sad point is I'm not kidding. It will be the first time ever that I will be able to confidently associate the glamour Pork Chop to a girl. I know that love is blind but... not thaaaat blind! Yo Jimmy, I wish to knock some senses into you and hope you know what you are doing.

Back to Shawn, I sat in Shawn's car heading back to his house where I parked mine. There came a, probably a B8 tail-gating his car. Shawn won't back out of any challenge. That I can assure you. I then stretch my right leg straight, hold on to the door handle with my left hand and my right hand was hugging my seat in a hook to the back seat kinda way for dear life. It's not the first time I sat in a turbo-charged car and see miracles happen before my very own eyes. I realised that many experiences still doesn't really help in eliminating the fear that I had eventhough I trust Shawn's skills. Otherwise, he won't be called the "Corner King" by his car gang for no reason. After numerous corner negotiating and a few stops at traffic light spots, the race was over when the B8 made a U-Turn at a traffic light junction while giving a thumbs up and a *grin* to Shawn. Gosh! Was that fun? Is that what they call excitement? Or maybe the rush? They look like they enjoyed themselves to me.

Ok you know what? I think wrote badly today. It must be the groggy state for staying up at this hour. I'm signing off to bed.