Saturday, October 25, 2008

The global crisis and me

No doubt, the financial crisis that has dawned upon us has been amazingly and shockingly fast. At times, it feels as though there is not enough time to register the reflexes that should be appropriate in such conditions. Needless to say, I've not made any changes to my portfolio and was caught out in this sudden plunge. The situation is increasingly worse and no one knows for sure when the tide will turn and a genuine bottom be found. I did a health check to gather the numbers and below is the current result:-

Net yield since I'd stepped foot into equities almost 3 years ago: -11.43%

Current yield of my portfolio: -24.54%

My current portfolio tells me I have lost a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera 17RS and abit more. :(

The half a million ringgit question

I was miffed about the workshop that I usually go to, trying to up sell me with those exorbitant carbon removing liquid. Just provide the services that I as a customer demand. Mechanics motivated by sales commissions is rather weird. It doesn't then seem to have any other difference as opposed to you going into a butcher to get slayed.

On a separate note, I went to a packed bank today to withdraw some moolah from my FDs since my bank account ran out of them. Long story short, I'm just moving some money around for optimum state so as not to be charged of bank interest that much. We should be careful of these legal loansharks. Later on while doing some bookkeeping, I'd found out surprisingly that I'm very close to surpassing the half a million mark in assets. Seems like a major milestone. Now the question is, what is my leverage? That I think is the question which matters more.