Monday, November 14, 2005

Dilemma money could make

Everything has gone haywire. My mind is in a state of chaos. There is an opportunity opening its doors to me. But somehow I am rather reluctant for a longing of something that could ultimately be of nothingness. I really don't know what decision should I make. The stakes are high. Or at least they seem to me as so. I hope things will clear up and I'm enlightened to make the right choice. For now, all I could do is to ponder.

The ironing went wrong

As my weekly ritual dictates, I was ironing my shirts to try and stock up my wardrobe. As it is, the laundry is normally neglected until when times become desperate. And so I was ironing the first shirt that I just pulled up when suddenly I saw a burnt hole on my shirt. With furrowed brows, I laughed a little and then remarked "Chuen Jor Loong. Hehehe". Sonny then joined in with the amusement and commented that luckily it was at the underside of the collar.

It pisses me off when I go to a restaurant and ordered for a cup of tea and the waiter tells me "Sorry sir, we don't have tea. We only have soft drink and juice sir."

I went and have my breakfast at Moosco. I ordered Kerala Meal which is basically a rice meal that comes with different curries, a piece of fried fish (or fish fry as they called it), some chutneys, a papadom, and some purplish vege looking stuff. This meal, I suppose, comes from Kerala, India. The sight of it was acceptable except for one thing. The rice is fat. Somehow the rice looks like a ball more than any other geometrical shape. The shape of it is even more prominent when chewing which is rather irksome. Rice which is fat and round is just not right. Anyway, an old Bahraini man was at the next table of mine. He looked at my meal and presumably was focusing on the small fish floating on the curry.

"Fisshhh. Whyyy?", said the old man.
"..." I just nod without saying pretty much.
"Moornniinng. Eat egggggsss , brreeaaaddd. Whhhyyy fisshhh?", said the old man with furrowed brows and at the same time was shaking his head probably disapproving my meal for the morning.

If you were wondering why the intentional spelling, I was illustrating how the old man speaks, that is with sustained length of pronounciation of each word.

I wonder to myself today after noticing that the majority of cars here in Bahrain is in white colour. Why is it so? Perhaps it is to match their thoube. The second quirky colour would be their buildings. Why on earth must they all be shades of clay? That's dull isn't it? Must they camouflage their building against their sand?