Tuesday, May 31, 2005

up the creek

I have received the latest schedule on my table. At one glance, it is obvious to see from it that four major key paths are running parallel along with each other. The days seem insanely packed one after another right up till the end of next month without even a break of weekend in between. What is even more horrid is that I am heavily involved in all of the 4 critical paths. Crestfallen, I wonder to myself where can I seek respite. Something is seriously not right.

I overheard my colleague saying "Today we are going to be saints". I am dejected.

Friday, May 27, 2005

90 hours per week

The extended long working hours multiplied by the workload is taking a toll on me. Dampening my spirits. 7 full days a week and not a day less than 12 hours. What's worse is that I am not allowed to claim OT. At best, a replacement leave day will be given. From my calculation, I have already accumulated 14 replacement leave days. A winner is a person who will do what a loser won't. But at least I think I deserve to vent.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The end must meet the means

In contrast to my affinity to want to begin investing, I had run into a terrible start by selling all of my dangerously descending, close to the brink of suspension shares. Lost about 50% in total value. I have no choice but to take it as an expensive lesson for being greedy, for being gullible and for not being wise and making decision fast enough. As for the moment, I have placed a stash of it into FD, no risk but returning only low yields.

Workload around here is skyrocketing high yet again. Life is no hunky-dory all the time. For the past 5 months I was here, at least 3 were gruesome and some days were just agonising to say the least.

As Tailou would have aptly put it, "Yenn wong ah" in the Hakka dialect.

But it helped and shaped myself and I realise I am more tolerable of this resentment. Especially during yesterday which Teh came over, accosted me and requested for the team to go back and rest. In his own words, "Khui dei mm dim jor".

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

That Watermelon Fool

Goddamn Watermelon! A true "Batigkh" indeed. I despise him being our so called leader who is not fighting enough on our behalf. Instead of throwing some shit from above, he's throwing pushing all of it into our throats. Likes to preach about proper management practise but his tendency of shirking is too apparent. Manipulative of the surrounding people for his own benefits. Call me racist if you want, one of the reason he is what he is, is because he's a Machan.

Damn it, I'm gonna say No in his face.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The smile blinds me

I feel different somehow as if I had a inner enlightening out of a sudden. My state of being revitalised from what, I have no idea. However, as of late, I can't help but feel there is this incessant nagging feeling that things are falling into the patterns and state that they were originally. Something unexplainable which didn't seem to fit well with what I would have rather prefer it to be.

The PM is getting on my nerves. He shall be known as Watermelon. Even more so when incompetence of his are obvious and fidget he shall before looking across tables to seek backup. Respect is earned, not given. And he has yet to earn much more from me. I would say everyone else around here have higher respect from me compared to him. And they were of lower ranks. The irony of it all.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The dent became flat

Ashraff came over to my apartment yesterday to help switch my bed with a brand new base. One which is flat. It took 6 freaking months in order to get my bigass hemisphere dented base to be changed. So long that I have got used to the nest and didn't quite mind with it altogether. Curious with what that could cause such a damage, I enquired Ashraff for the reason of it. "The ladies, can be very fat. 2 or 3 sitting on it, finished!" concluded Ashraff.

Successfully carried out a demo to the higher ups, IBM dudes and journalists using our infamous mickey mouse system. One which have saved our asses for a few crucial times that I feel we have begun to depend on it a little too much. I had to carry on executing the plan which involves the hiding into drawer idea that I wasn't that keen of. Fortunately, the demo worked and pandemonium of laughters were heard as a result of sarcasm and obvious ass licking. I'll keep an eye of tomorrow's papers because there were many shots being taken today by the journalists and who knows, I might be in it.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

A step with strength

Not a day pass yet but I was reminded once again why I absolutely loathe this place. It is not so much as to the circumstances of the place but rather how they place everything and are so dependent on a single peon. And that has not taken other hidden tasks that were involved day in and out. What can not kill you only makes you stronger. Cliche it might be, but I am beginning to go through all this with a tad more optimistic outlook for I see it as the ends justifies the means.

Spent three days during my break to venture around looking at properties and show houses of all genres that are less than half a million ringgit. During which I had learnt a thing or two from my mom's opinions. I also had a change in how I now view vehicles. The new weightings which concern me now are the annual depreciation + interest to be paid + amount of cash that you are able to part with temporarily. I was taken aback slightly when I learnt that the annual depreciation of a Honda amounts the equivalent to that of a Proton.

I hold it true to myself that the fervour, the scintilla and the moment that was were pure and heartfelt between two hearts.