Thursday, February 26, 2004

Duh duh duh, programming nightmare

For the past few days, I've been debugging my brains out 9 hours non-stop. It really has suck the essence out of me and got my brain haywired. I feel like a haggard and may have got into stupor state. It maybe even knock me into dementia if this goes on.

I just can't figure out why the biometrics verification and everything else works fine when I run it in VB IDE but gets uppity when I compiled it into a .ocx. I felt exasperated.

Although I have moved into a new cubicle again (2nd migration) which is super strategic (good feng shui), I can't really maximise the usage of it due to this rife work that I must rigidly brush off before the due date.


Look what I've got! A 88 x 31 picture / icon to link to my blog designed by Lynnzter. Normally webmasters, personal homepage owners and blog owners create their own 88 x 31 ad / pic / icon for others to copy and use it on their website but hey, Lynnzter created tons of these pics to link to her blog allies. In terms of web design and programming, I have created some websites / partial websites / designs / codes for my friends but never did anybody did something for me in this domain. Well on second thoughts, Lynnzter may have did it for her own blog but the thought of somebody trying to make / design something which relates to me impressed me. Thanks lynn.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


My job has very much to do with programming albeit I initially thought that it would surround primarily on the areas of management, user requirements, design specifications, documentation, testing and training. I believe that in order to improve one's programming software development skills, one has to go through the process of immense frustration and hardknocks similar in the sense of how an individual goes through problems to be more mature.
Nevertheless, this problem of frustration can be mitigate when one learns not to repeat the same mistake again. Hence, that individual has became wiser.

I have blogged some programming tips / source codes in the past. It's hanging somewhere in the archives. But hey, we learn everyday. Some of them may be damn silly but here's something I learnt in the past few weeks:-

ASP / HTML / Visual Basic

Use " " to cater for some space especially when you want to have empty or . An alternative method to this would be using a transparent GIF file.

Try to look out for something like colspan="4" when you get haywired for sorting out some HTML aligning problems. It is useful but could be a menace as well.

In Visual Basic, declare variables public in the modules so that all other forms can have access to it

I think ADODB.Stream is cool.

In SQL Server 2000, the largest datatype is IMAGE. It solves my problem of using varbinary in the past.

Remember that it is Exit Sub not End Sub

I started to get familiar with the debugging process in VB which comprises of using the F8, Breakpoints and Add Watch.

Multistep OLE-DB Error. To solve this problem, enlarge the field of table which you want to update.

ActiveX Control (*.ocx) is VB program running through the internet browser.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Character Design

This is a character design of myself by someone from Hong Kong. Apparently, his idea was to design cartoon / character of individuals that could be used to personalise products like files, mugs, holders, envelope and many more.

I'm not sure if he still does this free character design service. All I needed to do was to submit a photo of myself and a brief introduction or items I wanna include to him by email. That's it. As simple as that. He will notify you by email when your design is ready.

Check out his website for further info, pics of product and the database of all character designs he did at


Yesterday, when I'm still out to celebrate my friend's birthday outing, I received a SMS. Ok. So what is the big deal of the SMS? So I proceeded to press on the top left button and subsequently the * button in order to unlock the keypad.

Then the screen displays Keypad Unlock and in less than a second, it displays Keypad Locked with a "Teet" sound. Hmmmm. I repeated the above process for several more tries to the same futile result. Garhhh!

Then I thought reseting the phone would probably work. I tried to switch that phone off by pressing on the off/on button. Nope. It shows the "Keypad Locked" again. Damn it. Then I tried to hold that off/on button for 10 seconds. Still the same crap. Chris then suggested to disintegrate the phone.

Well, I got no choice. I will give this method a try before attempting to use the spank it method from michael ooi's "caveman logic" scenario. After disintegrating the shell and the battery, hehehe....there is no way the phone can still be alive and gets uppity on me. Damn it. It works fine again when I consolidated all parts and switch it on again. Don't get my phone model. Nokia 7250i.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Who took the wall down?

Just a short snippet of Labour Pains. Double D managed to crank me up LOL again when they were discussing about his neck stiffness. Double D's mum suggested a solution to his nagging problems which is to dry his pillow under the hot sun. Jeev was explaining that every traditional cure or methods must have its scientific explaination behind. Double D said that his mum is no scientist. Hahahaa well actually while blogging this down, I don't feel that it is funny anymore. Nonetheless it was funny yesterday.

[On a unrelated incident]

While in my cubicle yesterday, I felt there is this uncanny vibration. The vibration was getting stronger and emanating towards my place. The sound that it produces is getting louder and I wonder what in the blue hell is going on. Suddenly, I saw the wall to my left is shaking violently. Then a freaking saw pops up through the wall sawing its way to rip apart the wall. I was like "WTF?". Several others popup from their cubicle to join and watch astonishingly at the mishap of the pathetic not-build-from-brick wall. The ripping of the wall did not finish sucessfully because there were five steel cabinets blocking the way.

We got to know the reason behind that not long later. Apparently they are creating a manager's room to my left. Very nice indeed. Just what I needed. *crap*. And there goes my feng shui of my cubicle's location. Bah!

Monday, February 16, 2004

Morning Jam

This morning while I was travelling to office. As usual I would use MRR2. I was kinda caught back seeing that the stretch of Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) from Taman Billion / Makro all the way up to Bandar Tasik Selatan was jammed. Hey! I know traffic jam is such a normal daily occurences. I wouldn't think a second bout it if it happened around 8 AM or 8:30 AM. The traffic jam around that time always builds up courtesy of the road design which couldn't accomodate the high volume of vehicles. The weak spots of that strecth that caused the bottleneck of the flow is at the Bandar Tasik Selatan "U turn" section and the turning point to Serdang / Sri Kembangan.

The time displayed at my car's clock was 7:14 AM. Huh?? I wonder. As I crawled my way to Bandar Tasik Selatan, I saw the culprit that triggered the massive congestion. It was a double accident at the fast lane. Indeed, typical Malaysians always slows down their vehicle to see other mishaps. Normally, I will try to weave my way out not paying any attention to the accident at all. But the flow was so slow that I decided to take a peek. Surprisingly, it was like a magic show. A wira has hit a Kia Spectra's butt. The Spectra's butt shown a small dent but the wira's front section was badly damaged. Ha! It could give you a mental / logical breakdown coz it doesn't make sense at all.

Rite. Then I cruised along up till Bukit Jalil when I noticed an unusual build up of traffic towards it. Hmmmmm. I chose another path at the other end via IMU. Gosh! I was stucked in that jam for 40 minutes. Damn it! It is the National Service gathering crap. Blardy idiots! Of all places, Why in the blue hell did they choose to gather there? They should have chosen some suburb location. Well not really that suburban but somewhere where the traffic is extremely low. Hmmph! And yes 16th February will be the day that my company begins the "Time Management System" to replace the obsolete punch card and I'm late for the very first day. Diu Nia Sing!

Friday, February 13, 2004

My 3.28 GB pot of honey

The act of the victim to unshare a folder when I'm copying the files has left me with acrid feelings. That atrocious and unsavoury act has prompted me to make that crass decision to be valiant and conduct the indispicable and sordid act yesterday. The selfishness and arrogance of the victim fuels my bulimic desire to get my honey. I became adamant to sought after my revenge and bring the honey to the stronghold.

Yesterday, I felt some pinch of guilt. My hands somehow became cold. The lunch hours of yesterday delivers excitement and sense of accomplishment. I have successfully found my honey after 30 minutes of thorough searching through files and folders. The victim is cunning and wicked to hide my honey deep inside an unsuspected folder. My revenge has been partially done. I have fully retrieved my honey without the victim's permission and concern.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Places I have been

Here is a nifty map showing the countries that I have land my foot on. Albeit that it is not sort of a major accomplishment, I just wanna show this damn map! So here it is voila!

The places I've visited are in Red

Monday, February 09, 2004

Cyborg Name

Do you have a cyborg name? Look what I've got here

I got to know about this site through michaelooi's heavenly blog. So get yours as courtesy of loonatik's advertising now!

Saturday, February 07, 2004


I've been asked by Datuk's daughter to photostat some user manuals which those will be my own copies of them. Well ok. Then I went to the HR department where the photostat machine was located. There's a listing sticked to the wall above it depicting some of the department numbers that were used. Hmm I then keyed in my department number 1055 and I'm supposed to key in the password of 9205 to activate that damn photocopying machine. However, I got stuck when I wanna enter the password. It's not that my fingers got cramped or anything. Just that I can't seem to find a button on the keypad to move the cursor down to the password field blank.

Damn it! After reading the instructions numerous times to get myself sure of the procedures, I repeated it again. Alas...I suddenly thought that instead of keying it through the keypad...can I do it by touching on the screen itself? Yes! It works.

Oopsss....I felt so embarassed for being a techie yet facing such stupid problem. I felt so obtuse.

The photocopying process was very prompt nonetheless. Just pile the source document on top of the deck and hit the button. The finished product will be nicely stacked at the middle section. Gone are the days where photocopying requires lifting the lid up and closing it down again for an individual days. I remember playing with them a lot when I'm still in my prepubescent days.

Friday, February 06, 2004

No news is good news

Woke up at 8.00 AM today. My working hours supposed to start at that time too. Rush and reach office at about 8:20 AM. I had to park my car outside the company's building compound and walk into the complex. Finally punch my card at 8:30. while coming in, i was stopped by a security lady in the security booth.

Security blimp: Awak department ISD ker?

Me: Err...ya
[still feeling stoned]

Security blimp: Nama awak aper?

Me: Utter my name

Security blimp: Awak biasa pergi ke Smart City ker?
[jotting down my name on a piece of paper]

Me: Taklah

Security blimp: Langsung tak pernah?

Me: Got lar....

Security blimp: Ok. Boleh pergi...

Me: ......
[Feeling pissed and deceived like my name was just taken down by a prefect for being late]

She wants to jot down my name and department for no apparent reason. She asked me whether I visit the smart city often too. What the hell is all of this about? Does this company employs prefects such like in schools where they will jot down those who are late? I find it absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Another drawback about being late is you have to miss your breakfast and the free The Sun Newspaper. Bah. That is why i always go out not later than 7.15 AM if possible. Those extra minutes does prove a great deal of difference. I shall remind myself through today's hard lesson to never be a slugabed and if I would, I better reset the alarm than just switching it off. That is still not the worse of all. The presence of my mom nagging about me being late and staying in my room watching me getting sorted is. I rest my case

Meeting at 10:00 AM Feb 6. I've never spoken a single word throughout the entire session. Well i think i did. it was a "ok". ;) . The thing is, my system is complete and i do not need to work on any pending issues unless changes are required. "No news is good news"

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Food Galore

Just needed to utilise my Nokia 7250i phone camera more. Got nothing better to do so I've snapped these pics and editted it at home using Adobe Photoshop. You know, the quality of this uppity phone is a real let down. As for picture No. 1: Some food servings when I was in Malacca during the Chinese New Year. There is the A Famosa Chicken Rice Meal, but it's not from the original shop. It's a modern air conditioned version within Mahkota Parade. ;) . And the picture on the right is a typical Mamak meal. There is not much choice for breakfast during CNY as always.

Got to hangout with my uni mates during the 30th of January at the restaurant nearby Kaki Corner. The usual chat about how's work and the likes of it. Benson didn't confirm the details for the booking of the table which resulted us having to hoover tons of food. The pic only shows the "Lou Sang" or "Yee Sang" part. That was the original plan. A simple meal with Yee Sang all sorted out in the circles99 forum. That extra portion got most of us bloated for the rest of the night.

[Edited: Damn it! It's damn annoying and this blogger tool really vex me in terms of trying to place the pic according to my desired layout. Bah. Either I gotta change the layout or typed some meaningless words to further lengthen this post]

Some meaningless word


I'm getting longer

I hope it's enough by now

It's gettin ludicrous

Company party

This post reflects a party at the company itself. My company held a party to celebrate New Year, Chinese New Year and Christmas. It's all in one party really. They served catering and most of the food were hoovered by the production workers. As you can see from the pic, they are the ones in bright light blue attire. The weather didn't really help out either. It's quite hot and stuffy but then it started to rain soon after. I didn't help myself with tons of food to hoover with. I just got myself a bowl of ice kacang. Didn't really wanna hangout there coz my lunch buddies were on leave and didn't come for work. I just spend the rest of the time shirking at my cubicle with a couple of TVB series to surpress the time left.