Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back from Singapore

Finally I am back from my weekend trip to Singapore. It was fun albeit tiring. I came back with a new wallet, lack of rest, sore feet and a sense that the weekend was well spent.

I spent a total of 23 hours awake on Saturday for having to wakeup and board Airebus that departs at 7.30 AM sharp. All the passengers of that bus were upgraded to business class seats. However, the air conditioning wasn't functioning properly. Due to some miscommunication between my pals, I had to shop around and lunch by myself for a moment. Fortunately, I chanced upon the jovial Mabel who happened to hang around at Scotts road before heading to gym. What coincidence it is to bumped into her. It was great to catch up and hear her boisterous laughter again.

The rest of the day were spent shopping along Orchard Road and people watching with our Singapore host, Kin Yew, Mavis and the rest of the crew. Headed down to Ministry of Sound as our main event of the trip. Everyone was pretty whacked after supper at McDonalds and doze off in our taxi ride back to home at 4+ AM. Yeah, Singapore's supposed to be safe like that.

Below is my new wallet. Come to think of it, it is the first wallet that I purchased for myself. I have always been using and drop wallets which are gifts from other people.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fuzzy greed

The magnificent yield now stands at 34.87% YTD. I have accounts in two separate funds with gains of 11.99% and 19.73% in slightly more than 5 months. Have been increasingly feeling uneasy of this vertical hike. Should I sell all and realised the profit? I'll have to come back at a -3.64% rate later.

Update: I was right but I missed the spike by 2 days. In just two days, the NAV has shed 2.75% and 5.44% respectively. Anyhow, I'm betting on a lower entry level in the near future. How low? Well that's the next guess.

Update 2: May not be the spike. Have sold both funds and I hold nothing now. The yields which I've sold at are 10.25% and 14.29%.